Pancreatic Cancer Miracle, Chris Joseph! 😊

I love stories like Chris' - overcoming hopelessness and sickness to be able to thrive and get his life and health back! Side note, he has also been part of some pretty cool things along the way, like helping to restore New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina hit in 2005 through sponsoring musicians (see the interview for more about that)!

How was Chris able to heal? Well, only God knows all the details, but from a human perspective, Chris implemented many of the Radical Remission/Radical Hope healing factors that are always helpful:

- embracing love and support

- following his intuition

- taking charge of his health (including researching)

- having strong reasons for living

- releasing suppressed emotions

Chris also did a combination of conventional and alternative treatments: chemotherapy (which he started and stopped when he felt extremely ill); alternative treatments including mistletoe injections, glutathione, ozone, high dose vitamin C, hyperthermia and laetrile; and a 2-year course of the conventional immunotherapy Keytruda. He also changed his diet, though not quite radically enough to be considered under the Radical Remission factors, by reducing sugar. Research suggests that genetic mutations (both the number and kind of mutation) influence the duration of survival when a person is diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, however Chris is unaware of the mutation status of the genes in his tumor so it's unknown what role that played in his situation.

You can find the show notes from the interview and the interview link at my blog post.

That's Chris' amazing story, right? But what else is common in "spontaneous" remissions from pancreatic cancer? If you're interested, check out my latest research updated today on my website to find out more (I don't want to make this email too long). 😊

2:40 Diagnosis was 10/31/20 - 4 years ago!

Minor stomach discomfort lingering for several weeks. Depressed but didn't have a reason to be depressed. It was stunningly scary and d