Stage 4 Colon Cancer Thriver and Mistletoe Therapy! 😊

Ivelisse Page, stage 4 colon cancer thriver


A while back I got to speak with Ivelisse Page about her story and now I'm excited to share it with you! 😁 Ivelisse is an 11-year survivor of stage 4 colon cancer who overcame a less than 8% chance of long-term survival and eventually co-founded the beloved nonprofit called Believe Big in 2011!!

Ivelisse had an extensive family history of colon cancer - her father died of colon cancer at age 39, her father's mother had it and half of her grandmother's siblings had it. Despite getting regular colonoscopies every 5 years for prevention, 3 years after her last colonoscopy and after a year of extreme fatigue, Ivelisse ended up in the emergency room with severe anemia; not long after that she was found to have colon cancer. The cancer had already spread to her liver, making it stage 4. Ivelisse was shocked by her diagnosis but later realized that a few factors were likely to have contributed:

1) She had an inherited condition called Lynch Syndrome in which colon cancer can grow more than 3 times as quickly as colon cancer in those who don't have the condition

2) She had a mutated MTHFR gene which made it harder for her body to detoxify

3) She had received 9 vaccinations within 2 months for an overseas missions trip a year prior to her diagnosis

Even though Ivelisse was diagnosed with the disease at the same age as her dad was when he was diagnosed and she was afraid of having the same outcome, she and her husband clung to their faith and earnestly prayed that God would guide them, give them wisdom and grant her healing. Jimmy, Ivelisse's husband, came up with this prayer that she prayed over and over again when she became afraid: I Will Have No Fear.

Ivelisse tweaked her diet, started taking supplements and consulted with several different doctors on what she should do. The conventional doctors she met with recommended chemotherapy and radiation; however, Ivelisse asked to clarify the benefit of taking chemotherapy treatment. The doctor she spoke with said that with treatment (who thought at the time that she was at stage 3), she would have a 66% chance of surviving and without treatment she'd have a 57% chance of surviving. Like me at my stage 4 diagnosis, Ivelisse didn't want to pursue treatments with serious deleterious side effects if it could only give her a small benefit (just a 9% increase in her chance of surviving).

Luckily for her, Ivelisse met with another doctor who had also been trained in natural medicine at a cancer center in Switzerland. This doctor, Dr. Hinderberger, recommended that Ivelisse try mistletoe therapy, which was a natural substance that had been shown to attack cancer cells but not healthy cells, lower tumor-related pain, increase energy, improve mood and strengthen the body. With no down side to the treatment besides a mild fever and mild redness at the injection site, Ivelisse began subcutaneous injections three times per week, two weeks before having surgery. She also took thymus, cimetidine and homeopathic remedies. Ivelisse's cancer was so aggressive that her doctor said she had a 75% chance that two weeks post-surgery the cancer would have voraciously re-grown and shown up on her scan. But amazingly, since her last surgery she has never had any sign of cancer again!!