Amazing Leukemia Survivor Story - Ed Logan!! 🎗

Ed Logan, who I interviewed last Thursday, just celebrated his 5-year "cancerversary" (5 years since his diagnosis) last week!! In re-watching his interview a couple of things really struck a cord with me that I think you'll want to take a look at, besides the fact that soon after his diagnosis he developed sepsis and his heart stopped for 15 minutes, then he was resuscitated and woke up without any of his senses and spent 2 months in bed recovering before he could learn to walk again (and speak, swallow, write and regain his memory)!! One of the things Ed talked about was the timing of his healing process. He has a type A personality and likes to be in control and have a plan and a schedule. Well, there were several roadblocks along the way and he had to learn to wait and be humble. -- Probably much like you and I, when we want healing for ourselves or someone we love and things seem to keep going "wrong." 💔 Maybe it's God's way of slowing us down and giving us opportunities to learn something important that we would have otherwise missed? (At 22:10 in the video Ed talks about one of these instances where he found a painfully frustrating delay to actually be a great blessing of bonding with his brother that he wouldn't have otherwise experienced.)

At 33:35 Ed talks about sharing in suffering with others. His physical and emotional pain kept him up at night but instead of dwelling on his situation he reached out to others to ask them how he could pray for them. It became a great source of comfort as he developed empathy for others going through cancer, was able to share his burdens with them, and grew closer and closer to God. 💗

4:55 How Ed's business experience connects with his cancer story

6:15 How he was diagnosed, what his symptoms were - pain on his spleen and a chill. October 22 was the diagnosis.

Took chemo and started getting side effects. It caused inflammation in his neck and he couldn't breathe; he was intubated and his heart stopped for 15 minutes. He had blood pool in his brain.

Stayed in bed for almost 2 months.

His epiglottis is cut in half and he had a g-tube.

10:20 They resuscitated him after 15 minutes and he couldn't speak because of the intubation. He could only remember his wife's phone number.

He had sepsis; November 15 they didn't know how he got it, and he got pneumonia and retained a lot of fluid. Had to learn how to walk again. He lost his senses and his taste; learn how to speak; memory was affected.

His first step when he learned how to walk, he cried because he thought he wouldn't be able to walk again. He started to write - Christmas. He was in isolation during Thanksgiving. Regained his strength by God's grace when people prayed for him 24 hours in a vigil.