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Cancer Prevention and Wellness with Aurelie Cormier! ๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ’œ๐ŸŽ—

Hey there! This is the recorded interview with my friend Aurelie Cormier, published author, lecturer, nurse practitioner and family wellness consultant! Aurelie covered topics on cancer and disease prevention including the best time to start taking steps toward disease prevention (before birth); the 5 pillars of health and disease prevention that she uses in her wellness practice; gave tips on how to make small changes that can help parents and their children to improve their health and/or prevent diseases, especially cancer; and more. Check out the interview - I pray it's a blessing to you! ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ˜Š

6:22 What about prevention?

8:15 Why were there so many young women with breast cancer in the room?

8:45 Went back to graduate school to get her NP - had to design her own cancer prevention; published her paper on it.

9:42 The best time in life to prevent cancer is early in life - pregnancy, childhood, adolescence (the body is growing quickly, cells are dividing rapidly and are more prone to mutations). There are strategies to help live a longer, more abundant life.

11:00 How she transitioned from treatment to prevention. She attended a course on cancer prevention at BU School of Public Health taught by Howard Koh, who was Commissioner for Public Health in Massachusetts and then the Assistant Secretary for Health and Human Services under the Obama administration.

12:13 She decided to start taking courses on entrepreneurial success. In 2011 she set up her business but really got started about a year ago full-time.

15:55 The power that people have in preventing illness in their lives.

16:31 Our grandparents have influenced our lives and health - if they were exposed to environmental toxins, etc. Then our parents - mom's womb and mom's exposure. In our childhood, our parents had control, and as a teenager

We have today as a gift, and going forward, we have control over the following 5 pillars:

  1. Love - loving ourselves, our children; being in a loving community.

  2. Nutrition - key in many, many healing testimonies she's witnessed. How is our society/the companies/the EPA influencing the food that we get and the choices that we have? Unfortunately there are food deserts - how do we make healthy food more accessible? We have no idea the environment of the foods we find at the store.

  3. Exercise - find something fun - what are you passionate about that you feel really good about? She loves to run on a beautiful historical dirt path. 20-30 minutes daily is what we need.

  4. Serenity - finding our bliss, reducing stress, even during events such as the COVID pandemic. There is so much to learn, there is always a positive message for us. (E.g. We can be more connected to our families, slow our lives down and focus on what's most important in life; we need to take better care of the earth). Peace, calm, joy happiness helps our immune system and keep our body balanced. Mindfulness meditation, yoga, Chi gong, prayer. To keep our bodies stronger and more resilient.

  5. Spirituality - what is it you would love doing in your life? What is our soul's purpose here? Those who have the strongest will to live have the strongest connection to their purpose and do better in their survival. (At 28:39 I relate to the Holy Spirit's presence in my heart and my life after accepting Jesus as my Savior.)

30:00 She often thinks about how we can prevent cancer - the more she thinks about is "How can I help people to live a joyful, abundant life?" It's better to help people live a joyful and abundant life (than focus on the negative). It's important to bring the message to people where they are - it's hard for people to conceive what it's like to have cancer if they haven't had it. Most people want to live a happy, joyful life. There are strategies she's learned over the years from her patients and experience. She's had issues with her eyes and has worked at healing her eyesight and knows that our bodies can heal over time. Use strategies that work, one step at a time, and it will use in a positive direction.

Winning Every Living day through Love, Nutrition, Exercise, Serenity and Spirituality. (WELLNESS)

33:40 Additional tips on wellness and prevention: We all have strengths, identify them and give yourself a pat on the back! The 10 Radical Remission factors are ways to keep your body as healthy as possible (or the 5 factors she's talked about). The ones that you can work on better, prioritize the one that's most important for you - your home environment is the most toxic environment. Chlorine bleach is toxic to the nervous system. Windex, alcohol, teflon pans (found to impact facial deformities in young children and cognitive issues); PFAS found in some of the water based on firemen's work; glyphosate sprayed onto food or your lawn by your landscaper. Work on one thing at a time. We're already overwhelmedโ€ฆ Make a decision on what action steps you're going to take. Start with #1 and put it on your calendar. Switch from plastic to glass and stainless steelโ€ฆ Use mesh bags at the store instead of plastic. It's a process, give yourself a lot of positive reinforcement. It takes time! The goal is not perfection, it's practice, to get better at our health habits.

38:25 My (Bailey's) experience changing over to a natural lifestyle, including shampoo and toothpaste - it was overwhelming.

39:20 What results Aurelie sees in her work. 1) Someone had cancer and was healed from it. Woman had lymphoma. She said she didn't have any toxins in her house and lawn. But realized that she used RoundUp on her weeds every year! The next time she came in she got rid of the RoundUp. She originally had a brain tumor and had it resected. All of her markers were now normal, she looked and felt fabulous, was doing stress management techniques and was now helping other cancer patients heal from their cancers and cope with it better. She reflected and took action steps. She ate better, found a new purpose in her life, stopped using RoundUp and healed!

42:45 2) Someone had cancer and had a child who she was trying to help. The woman had had breast cancer. Was incredibly dedicated to do everything that she could because her daughter was 3 years old. She wanted to live and see her daughter grow up and keep her daughter healthy. If the parents can live a really healthy life then they're bringing those habits to their kids. She made radical changes in her diet, was incorporating miso, mushrooms, lots of veggies, exercising. Aurelie asked her about her 5G use. Make sure you don't put your phone near your head, near your breast or in your pelvic area. She was not aware of that. Many people are not aware of that but need to know and need to spread the information. The parents are helping the daughter to live a healthy life, which is a gift beyond measure.

46:00 Part of it is responsibility for our own health. There are no guarantees in life but if we do the best we can, we give ourselves a much better chance of living a longer, healthier life with joy and abundant health. Each step is worth it!

47:19 How people can pray for her: direction to the best way to market herself so that people are asking for her service, and who are excited about having good health. She knows how to and loves keeping people healthy. has her workshops and emails on there. Does consultations and wellness educational programs.

Facebook page: Aurelie Cormier's Wellness Parenting - has helpful tips, The Wise Moment and Puppet Cafรฉ - 2-5 minute talk on a topic of the week or day.

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