Bacterial Origin of Cancer Theory with Jodi Ledley! 😊🥕🧄

Jodi is amazing!! :) She's a friend, mother, wife, teacher, horse shower, farmer, loves people, is a brilliant researcher on the mission to save the world from cancer.

Main takeaways from our interview:

- When you have cancer think about the possibility that it very well may be related to bacterial, viral, fungal infections. The same way you would not want to breed resistant bacteria in your body by taking antibiotics every time you have a cold or flu, think about cancer the same way - chemo can breed resistance. Chemo can be a tool in your toolbelt but it wouldn't be my top choice for cancer treatment from the get go.

- The best defense against bacterial, viral, fungal infections is food from the Farmacy! ;) Organic, non-GMO veggies and fruits. Load up daily on these antimicrobial and anti-cancer power houses!! Plants are amazing. You can go to PubMed and find thousands upon thousands of research articles on the benefits of a plant-based lifestyle in disease prevention and treatment. For example, searching "antimicrobial plant" in the database produced over 100,000 results!

- Infections are often mistaken as cancer - when you have a biopsy, ask your doctor to test for pathogens! Check the slideshow linked below for which pathogens (bacteria, viruses and fungi) are associated with your type of cancer.

Here is the link for her presentation on bacteria and cancer which we discussed in her interview:

1:23 Super excited to talk about bacteria and it's relation to cancer! Couldn't sleep last night. It's comforting to know what we're dealing with.

1:50 Jodi's own healing story:

It's been almost 9 years that she had been sick for the previous 3 years - devastating neurologic problems. Extreme migraines - would vomit for days from the pain. The pain was so severe. S