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What could be a bigger miracle than

healing from stage 4 melanoma?!

After my healing I felt incredibly grateful for the second chance I had been given! I floated on cloud 9 for a while, basking in the glory of having my life back. I cried for days, I was so happy and grateful!! My favorite song at the time was Good Life, by OneRepublic; I kept playing it over and over again...


But it wasn't long before I felt like my old self again - easily irritated, impatient, unkind to others, insecure, frustrated, stressed out and burdened by life. I knew that I was wasting the incredible gift I had been given, that so few receive, and that continuing that way would be more tragic than my sickness itself!


I began to think about how I could enjoy and make the most of my life, honoring those who lost their battles with cancer. After some thought I came to the conclusion that I need to be more positive, patient, and take more risks that I was afraid to take.

But after trying in my own strength I found that I couldn't do it, and I felt powerless and frustrated that I couldn't change... I then began a journey that has changed the course of the rest of my life more than being healed of cancer.

Click here to listen to me share the whole story of how I overcame this negative attitude and began waking up with hope, joy and excitement for life, living loved and confident, and enjoying the people in my life. (Fast forward to the 18:25 mark where I begin to share my story.) :)

If you would like to respond to this message please contact me at, I would love to hear from you! 

Below is also a Word document to read what was recorded... Just click on the paperclip icon and it will download to your computer. 

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