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Treatments I received include:

Dietotherapy (plant-based organic, unprocessed diet and juicing for healing)

Detoxification through coffee enemas

Autologous vaccine


Coley Fluid

Laetrile (B17)

High-Dose Vitamin C

Temodar (1 dose of 5 pills over 5 days)

The will to live

When I was diagnosed with terminal cancer I felt hopeless. But my mom and her friend gave me hope that there was something out there that could heal me, we just had to find it. Because of my desire to live not just for myself but to be around for my family, for my sister’s wedding and for the kids she would have, I decided that I really wanted to live. I knew it didn’t mean I would necessarily be happy with whatever therapy or therapies I would have to pursue (like the diet and lifestyle changes!), but I was determined to survive.

So, when I realized that going to Mexico for alternative treatments was my best option I took the giant leap of faith, terrified as I was, and did it.



Once arriving in Mexico I began a 100% organic, no added refined sugar or salt, unprocessed, low-grain, low-animal protein, caffeine-free diet. It's considered a modified Gerson Diet. 

Here’s what I ate each day…


Breakfast – oatmeal, freshly squeezed orange juice, one slice low sodium Ezekiel bread (optional)

Lunch – Hippocrates soup with a boiled/baked potato and other cooked and/or raw vegetables, plus 1 Tbsp Brewer’s yeast and 1 Tbsp flax oil

Dinner – same as lunch

Juices – drunk hourly: 1 orange juice with breakfast plus 6 green and 6 carrot-apple, alternating throughout the day

Snacks – nuts, seeds, fruit (fruit does not cause cancer!), almond butter

Note: I ate chicken or fish 1-2x/week

Juice recipes


Carrot-apple (made 6 cups)

Roughly 4 pounds of carrots,

a couple inches of ginger

6 granny smith apples

Green (made 6 cups)

1 head escarole

1 bunch swiss chard

1 head romaine

6 granny smith apples

few stalks of watercress

1-inch slice of red cabbage

1 green bell pepper

couple inches of ginger


I used an Omega 8006 masticating juicer to make all my juices.

I'm sorry I don't have the exact sizes of the ingredients, as they varied. 


As time went on I gradually decreased the amount of juices I drank. I drank the above 13 juices for about 5 months, working my way down to my current intake of about 2.5 8-ounce servings per day of a mixed green juice. My diet also decreased in intensity with less frequent meals of Hippocrates soup and the addition of some less healthy treats, which I limit to special occasions.

Detoxifying through coffee enemas

When I arrived in Mexico I began taking 3 coffee enemas per day: upon waking, after lunch and before bed. After about 6 months I went down to 2 per day, and after a few years went down to 1 per day.

Here is the coffee I used, S.A. Wilson's:


Here is an ebook on how to prepare and use them, and where you can get supplies: 

Coley fluid injections

I started doing these subcutaneous injections in Mexico, 3-4 times per week. When I arrived home I continued doing them 3 times per week for about 2-3 months; then 2 times per week for 3 months; then once per week for 6 months; and so on, until once per month. After a few years of monthly injections I discontinued them altogether, as I became confident that my lifestyle would prevent a recurrence without the injections. A couple alternative cancer treatment providers who have clinics in Mexico supported my decision to do so. 

For more info on Coley's, please refer to this New York Times article (below, left) from 1908 on this treatment that used to be available as a standard treatment at what is now Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center in NY, and Dr. Coley's daughter's research article evaluating the efficacy of her father's treatment in Biomedical Thermology

Records of My Coley's Injections 
(click on the chart for the full data set)
Cancer Supplement Protocol

Other alternative treatments

Autologous vaccine – In Mexico I started taking weekly subcutaneous injections in my thigh of this vaccine made using my own blood. I received 13 total doses and completed them at home.

Laetrile/B17 – In Mexico I received these IV injections a couple times per week (not sure of the exact number).

High dose vitamin C – In Mexico I received 6 grams of vitamin C intravenously a couple times per week (not sure of the exact number).


The following were chosen from recommendations made by my team in the states (my medical oncologist, integrative oncologist and a friend who helped research):

- modified citrus pectin (10g mixed into my oatmeal at breakfast) (PectaSol brand)

- melatonin (20mg at bed) (Pure Encapsulations brand)

- resveratrol (125mg 2-3x/day)

- Asea, a redox supplement (4oz. 4x/day)

- PABA (1000mg 2x per day), a B vitamin that my oncologist at NYU believed killed melanoma cells growing in petri dishes. (Country Life brand) I've also taken the NOW brand.

During radiation treatments in 2010 when I had stage 3 melanoma (a few months

before going to Mexico), I took glutamine powder to prevent mucositis (sores in

my mouth). It worked because I stopped taking it a few days before finishing

treatments and the sores appeared then!

This is the brand I used:

Here's a paper with more info on it:

The following I took as recommended by my team in Mexico: 

- milk thistle (1000mg, once per day) (Oregon's Wild Harvest)

- calcium (600mg, once per day) 

- vitamin e (400IU, 5 days per week) 

- CoQ10 (100mg, once per day) 

- niacin (50mg 3x/day) 

- dessicated liver capsules (500mg, 3x/day)

- pancreatin (325mg 3x/day, taken with meals) (NOW brand)

- vitamin D (1000IU with lunch or dinner - a meal that contained fat) 

- korean ginseng (500mg every other day, avoid at night) 

- royal jelly (1000mg per day, avoid at night) (YS Eco Bees Farms)

- green tea (600mg, once per day, avoid at night) (Oregon's Wild Harvest)

- iodine (Lugol's solution half strength, 8 drops total each day to carrot juices only

(not in green juice) for 3 months, then 6 drops/day for 3 months; after that it was 


- potassium compound solution (2 tsp in each juice) (The Key Company)

As time went on I decreased the amount of supplements I took and now I take occasion B vitamins and vitamin D. 



I prayed for a miracle of healing every day, though at the time I did not have strong faith in God. Others prayed that I would make the right decision regarding treatment and that I would be healed. Now I believe that God gave me the guidance and the tools I needed to work with biology and allow my body to heal itself!

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