Naturopathic doctor perspective - Dr. Matt Schlechten!

Naturopathic doctor Matt Schlechten did a great interview and Q&A for us two weeks ago! We started off discussing why it's important to seek professional advice when dealing with a cancer diagnosis, as this is one of the first steps I recommend people take when they find out they have cancer. After that we had a 45-minute Q&A session in which Dr. Matt answered a lot of great questions! His depth of knowledge and experience provided a lot of value for us all, which I'm still applying today. I pray this information will change your life and the lives of those you know with cancer! The show notes and video can be found here, below.

I also wanted to interview Dr. Matt because I've found that people rush into decisions at times, not doing adequate research first, at the pressure of others and fear of the disease, and sometimes they pay a heavy price for it. Then they come back either to me or other practitioners seeking help to turn things around (I got a call like this yesterday). In our interview, Dr. Matt recommended a few days of research and prayer before making a decision. In my own journey I took a few weeks before deciding on my next big steps, with the help of someone who was already versed in holistic healing methods. However long you take though, be sure you seek multiple opinions from others who have experience. And as Dr. Matt said in our interview, when he went to buy a new phone, he went to the phone store where they offered what he was looking for and got advice from the guy who spent the majority of his life helping people buy phones. So, if you're looking for help with cancer, seek advice from those who spend most of their time dealing with it and have had success with it. That includes patient advocates and cancer coaches, like myself, as well as doctors, researchers, etc. Don't do it alone! We are here for you! 😊🙏💪

2:55 Why is it important to seek professional medical advice after a cancer diagnosis.

Like buying a phone plan. Seek the advice of the guy who sells phones full-time. He is the expert. It's the same with medical care.

As a patient, you are your primary doctor. Doctors can't fully, 100% care for each case.

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