An Integrative Approach to Cancer Treatment with Lindsey Minter, PhD.

Hey, Friend! 😊

I have a great interview to share with you! Some of you may have been present for this last year, but my friend Lindsey Minter, PhD, Principal of Career Services and mentor to medical students at Baylor College of Medicine and Independent Scientific Consultant of her own firm, recipient of 26 awards and member of a dozen organizations, former faculty lecturer, assistant director of graduate education, graduate research assistant, research technician, instructor, supervisor, student researcher; and earned her doctorate degree studying Genes and Development and Biochemistry & Molecular Biology with the thesis: Dissecting The Roles Of TRIM24 In Regulation Of Hepatic Lipid Metabolism And Inflammation!!

Lindsey shared her expertise in the area of cancer research and integrative medicine and you'll be encouraged to hear about the work she and her colleagues are doing bridging the gap between holistic and conventional medicine! Did you know, there are different holistic areas of cancer research that are fully funded at Lindsey's alma mater, MD Anderson Cancer Center, such as mistletoe therapy and curcumin?!

Lindsey is also training up young doctors in integrative cancer care to carry on this important work, providing excellent resources on cancer for you and your loved ones to help navigate your cancer research and treatment journey.

In our interview Lindsey answers questions such as:

"What do you advise to someone who has just been diagnosed with cancer?"

"What are your recommended resources for people with cancer?"

"Where can I find more information?"

You can also reach out to Lindsey directly at - she welcomes all communications about needing advice and/or sharing feedback!