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What may work for you or a loved one who has cancer?


My story…

In 2007 at the age of 17 I discovered a suspicious mole and much to my shock was soon diagnosed with stage 3 melanoma. I had several surgeries and one month of interferon treatments, followed by regular scans. After about 2 years of cancer-free living I was again diagnosed with stage 3 melanoma. Again, I had a couple surgeries (since the surgeon missed the initial tumor in the first surgery) which included removal of lymph nodes, 2 tumors (a second tumor grew between surgeries) and part of my ear. After recovering for 6 weeks I had one month of radiation treatments.


Statistically at that point, the chance of my cancer returning within the next 3-5 years was greater than 50%. However, it was just 2 weeks after finishing radiation when I discovered a bump under my chin, which turned out to be melanoma. Not only that, but a scan showed I had 7 tumors total in my neck, lung and spine. I had “terminal” stage 4, inoperable cancer.

I was devastated and felt that conventional medicine had failed me. Not knowing where to turn, I began a quest for a cure (well, really, my mom and her friend did!), which ultimately led my treatment at a hospital in Mexico.

The following are 7 steps that were part of my healing journey that I believe will help you or a loved one prevent a recurrence or reverse a cancer diagnosis. It’s my prayer that you and your loved ones will be empowered to face cancer with confidence and experience complete health and healing!



7 Tips for Preventing and Healing Cancer:

1.     Do your research and pray for guidance

2.     DO what you know you need to do

3.     Take your diet to a new level

4.     Detoxify your body

5.     Address emotional/spiritual issues

6.     Consider alternative treatments

7.     Have faith and trust God!

P.S. I highly recommend you collect your medical records

for yourself so you can track your progress and easily send

them to your doctors and practitioners when they need them.

Better yet, onboard with CureNav, a free service that helps

you collect and store your records, FREE of charge and in a

HIPAA compliant manner. They are wonderful people!! :)


This YouTube video below is a recording of a live

webinar I did on  the 7 steps to preventing and

healing cancer.  In the beginning I share my story; 

then I go into the 7 steps; and finally I do some Q&A. 


                         It's my gift to you!


        If you need help going through any or all of these steps, that's what I'm here for! I'd be happy to do an individual consultation or talk to you about my coaching program.


Click here for more information on my coaching service

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