Provides an alternative health perspective so desperately needed in our society beset by mounting illnesses without conventional cures. - Starr Gilmartin

This girl beat stage 4 cancer, intelligent well-researched cancer fighting techniques, offers great recipes she has an excellent website for people in need. following her for about a year pretty impressive - Mark Wilkinson

If you have cancer you need to contact Bailey now!!! Bailey O’Brien has truly been a blessing for me and my progress with stage 4 melanoma. After being diagnosed, I was treated with an immunotherapy and then targeted therapy, neither with much success.

 I had read about the Gerson Therapy and how it has had some decent success with advanced melanoma. I also had come upon Bailey’s name in my research her amazing story intrigued me so I decided to get a hold of her and meet with her.

What an extraordinary god-sent decision that has been! Bailey’s has guided me through the battle now for 5 months. She has been instrumental in my amazing success story. She has given me all the tools, encouragement, support, guidance and done so, all in a very caring generous and faith filled way.

I would highly recommend anyone who has cancer to contact this wonderful young lady for guidance. Bailey has gone through the ups and downs of cancer herself, she has gone through the Gerson therapy, she has the real -life experiences with cancer. She has fought the fight and against all odds-she has won! She is now helping other do the same. Thank you Bailey, my family and I love you for all you have done.


Brian Hill  -  Big Flats, NY

For Brian's medical records proving his recovery which he has voluntarily provided please click here and here!

"This past Saturday I had my first consultation with cancer coach Bailey O'Brien. What a great session!  She is very knowledgeable. She answered all of my questions on supplements, diet as well as on exercising. Together we came up with a good plan for me with specific goal. With all of the information out there, I was very confused. At the end she prayed with me for wisdom and peace as I continue my journey on getting well. She is a very compassionate person and a good listener. What a great woman of faith she is!"


- Daniela M 

"It was so great having Bailey in my corner during and after my treatment. She is always available and ready to help you through any situation. She's always sweet and thoughtful and mindful of your situation. She really cares!


She has lots of ideas to help you along the way. Just a joyful person to talk to. I'm glad I got to know her and I'm sure we will always be friends! God blessed me so much during this time with her."

- Frank Bradfield (Atlanta, Georgia)

“I was recently diagnosed with uterine cancer. I was depressed, confused, and felt like there was little hope for me until I met Bailey. I had been searching the internet for weeks and was overwhelmed with information.   Trying to navigate the internet was a daunting experience. After reaching out to Bailey she sent me a short but straight to the point email that summed up months of my own research. It was a blessing and relief because she did the research and lived the experience. Bailey is someone who survived Stage 4 Cancer. Bailey came to visit me and we spent 4 hours together. She gave me more hope and encouragement and health information than all my New York doctors were able to give me. Her physical presence sitting with me in the kitchen gave me proof that we can cure ourselves.  Bailey has continued to be a source of knowledge and strength. She is mature beyond her years. I believe in Bailey and think you should too! Without her I wouldn’t be in the good place I am now.” 

- Carol O'Neil (Ardsley, New York)

"Bailey O’Brien is an extraordinary individual, and I can best describe her as an angel. Her guidance, advice and emotional support have been invaluable. I only wish I had met Bailey when my husband, Mervin, was initially diagnosed with stage 4 colon cancer in December 2009. However, I met Bailey in May 2014, which was shortly before Johns Hopkins told us that there was nothing else they could do for Mervin, and we were desperately looking for alternative treatments.

As a result of my conversations with Bailey, Mervin and I went to Mexico where Mervin received immunotherapy treatment. During our stay in Mexico, Bailey emailed me daily. Her compassion, warmth, knowledge and encouragement were a blessing. I cannot even fathom how much more difficult the ordeal would have been without our daily email exchanges.

While Mervin died in August 2014, I have remained in contact with Bailey. She is an inspiration and her desire to help cancer patients cut through the overwhelming and voluminous amount of information is genuine. I am confident that any patient/family who consults with Bailey will be “rewarded” in various ways by working with someone who has walked the cancer journey and speaks from personal experience."


- Heidi Ackerman-Jordan  (Alexandria, Virginia)



"Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food" - Hippocrates

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