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 "A few years ago I developed a precancerous lesion on my nose. My doctor said its best to remove it so he did. It came back and I felt that removing it was just not a solution. I have made many health changes including some of the protocols that you and others have done including diet, fasting, coffee enema's, etc. But once I started ingesting broccoli sprouts (sulforaphane) and nicotinamiide riboside, I noticed the growth was healing. Two weeks ago, my lesion was completely gone after 4 years. It took about 6 months of dosing. I also take D3, K2, Omega-3, magnesium and many fermented foods for my gut. Gene repair is real. Cellular healing is real. I am now 66 and a 4 handicap golfer. I have never had more energy nor have I felt better in my life. You have been an inspiration to me. Never give up or stop fighting.


I read your entire process and I did the same as you. You made me believe that I could overcome this myself with nutrition, supplements and body-hacking. I am 66, on zero meds. I food restrict/fast and eat just one meal a day. The key is reducing inflammation and good gut health. God bless... I have so much to share."

- P.D.


"I wanted to take greater control over my health and healing after I was recently diagnosed with recurrent melanoma. This desire led me to numerous resources regarding various protocols for improving cancer outcomes. I believe God revealed that I would undergo conventional as well as non-conventional medical treatments. As such, He led me to Bailey. What a blessing she has been in helping to guide me through the tremendous maze of research and information, suggestions for improvements in my diet and supplements, and her effective prayers for me! Bailey is a great listener and encourager. She is deeply knowledgeable and effective as a cancer coach. I thank God for her, not only for what she has done and is doing in helping me through this journey; I also thank God for her as she keeps me motivated and encouraged in the Lord."

- S.A., Texas


I was diagnosed with melanoma in March, 2018.  Suspicious mole removed and found melanoma in my lymph nodes.  Lymph nodes removed in armpit and neck.

Started immunotherapy Opdivo and later got the all clear.  9 month check up scan showed something in my liver.  Biopsy confirmed melanoma in my liver.  Put on a trial drug that made me very sick.  Three weeks on the sofa will chills and sweats.  Felt like death.  Then came vertigo!  I was scared and frantic.  That’s when I found the Chris Beat Cancer program and discovered Bailey O’Brien’s story.  I reached out to Bailey and she was so supportive and gave me lots of information. She was familiar with Chris Wark and prayed for my journey.  I hit the program hard core.  People thought I was crazy. (they might be partially right. Lol) Juicing, raw salads, lots of supplements, emotional healing, no meat, dairy or sugar.  I’m not going to lie, it was tough!  And at times lonely.  I have no spouse or family that lives near by and my friends were supportive but not really on board.  I also started Keytruda. Another immunotherapy drug.  The only side effect I had was fatigue for 36 hours after treatment. I also discovered that getting a bag of fluid in the IV with the treatment helped tremendously and fasting one day before, the day of and the day after treatment made my body “take it” better.  I’ve always been a Christian but my faith and devotional time skyrocketed!  I studied the Beat Cancer Daily book and Radical Remission.  I put in a lot of time researching supplements and protocols. I taped inspirational quotes all around my home.   I also have a Naturopath that makes a concoction called “Catch Me Drops” from plant roots and he makes these awful green smoothies that I mix with my juice.  I can drink anything now! Lol When I go for scans, the nurses are amazed at how I can chug that liquid. Haha  I also see a chiropractor weekly and a massage therapist every 3 weeks.  At a recent massage, my therapist ended my massage by saying, “I feel I need to tell you that your energy says to release the cancer, it has served it’s purpose”.  I really took that to heart.  I prayed on that for a week wondering if I had begun to cling to the cancer victim mindset?  I released it mentally and emotionally.  I was ready for a new identity.  A healed identity.  I was having some stomach issues and they wanted to do a PET scan to see if anything was developing in my stomach.  (I was pretty sure it was from my diet and a hiatal hernia that flares up, but to be safe, we scheduled a scan.) When the results came back, we all got teary eyed….NO EVIDENCE OF METABOLICALLY ACTIVE RECURRENT MELANOMA OR METASTATIC DISEASE…….ANYWHERE!  Not only was it not in my stomach, it didn’t “light up” in my liver.

Praise God!  Now I’d like to mention I never asked what stage I was or my life expectancy.  I’ll admit I had a good idea after I googled melanoma in the beginning of my journey.  But I never said it out loud.  That was not my truth.  My God is bigger than that.  I always believed God could and would heal me.  I will continue my new found way of life and be aware of what my body is telling me, but I refuse to be fearful.  The biggest lesson learned is to truly be healthy, physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.  It’s not just one thing that caused it or healed it. Surround yourself with goodness and nothing else.  Find the people that support you and believe in your journey, like Bailey and Chris and believe in the power of healing.


Amy Sansfield


Amy Sansfield Report 4-2021.png

“I was recently diagnosed with uterine cancer. I was depressed, confused, and felt like there was little hope for me until I met Bailey. I had been searching the internet for weeks and was overwhelmed with information.   Trying to navigate the internet was a daunting experience. After reaching out to Bailey she sent me a short but straight to the point email that summed up months of my own research. It was a blessing and relief because she did the research and lived the experience. Bailey is someone who survived Stage 4 Cancer. Bailey came to visit me and we spent 4 hours together. She gave me more hope and encouragement and health information than all my New York doctors were able to give me. Her physical presence sitting with me in the kitchen gave me proof that we can cure ourselves.  Bailey has continued to be a source of knowledge and strength. She is mature beyond her years. I believe in Bailey and think you should too! Without her I wouldn’t be in the good place I am now.” 

- Carol O'Neil (Ardsley, New York)


"This past Saturday I had my first consultation with cancer coach Bailey O'Brien. What a great session!  She is very knowledgeable. She answered all of my questions on supplements, diet as well as on exercising. Together we came up with a good plan for me with specific goal. With all of the information out there, I was very confused. At the end she prayed with me for wisdom and peace as I continue my journey on getting well. She is a very compassionate person and a good listener. What a great woman of faith she is!"


- Daniela M 


"It was so great having Bailey in my corner during and after my treatment. She is always available and ready to help you through any situation. She's always sweet and thoughtful and mindful of your situation. She really cares!


She has lots of ideas to help you along the way. Just a joyful person to talk to. I'm glad I got to know her and I'm sure we will always be friends! God blessed me so much during this time with her."

- Frank Bradfield (Atlanta, Georgia)


"Bailey O’Brien is an extraordinary individual, and I can best describe her as an angel. Her guidance, advice and emotional support have been invaluable. I only wish I had met Bailey when my husband, Mervin, was initially diagnosed with stage 4 colon cancer in December 2009. However, I met Bailey in May 2014, which was shortly before Johns Hopkins told us that there was nothing else they could do for Mervin, and we were desperately looking for alternative treatments.

As a result of my conversations with Bailey, Mervin and I went to Mexico where Mervin received immunotherapy treatment. During our stay in Mexico, Bailey emailed me daily. Her compassion, warmth, knowledge and encouragement were a blessing. I cannot even fathom how much more difficult the ordeal would have been without our daily email exchanges.

While Mervin died in August 2014, I have remained in contact with Bailey. She is an inspiration and her desire to help cancer patients cut through the overwhelming and voluminous amount of information is genuine. I am confident that any patient/family who consults with Bailey will be “rewarded” in various ways by working with someone who has walked the cancer journey and speaks from personal experience."


- Heidi Ackerman-Jordan  (Alexandria, Virginia)



"Provides an alternative health perspective so desperately needed in our society beset by mounting illnesses without conventional cures."

- Starr Gilmartin


"This girl beat stage 4 cancer, intelligent well-researched cancer fighting techniques, offers great recipes she has an excellent website for people in need. following her for about a year pretty impressive."

- Mark Wilkinson


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