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Benefits of Chiropractic

Hi friend!

Last week I interviewed my friend, Dr. Paul, a doctor of chiropractic. He's the guy from whom I rent my office space, who let me paint the room yellow, yay! ;D

I asked Dr. Paul to share about chiropractic because it's is a great nontoxic tool people with (or without) cancer can use to heal.

Like nutrition, chiropractic care just makes simple sense to me, as it helps the miraculous body heal itself! Certain things like physical and emotional stress and toxins put the spine and central nervous system out of order, and dis-ease results. However, when you correct the spine and remove interferences from the central nervous system, healing begins and symptoms begin to subside. It's not a cure-all, but it can certainly help, and in ways you may not even expect (watch the interview to see how)!

Basically, God did an incredible job designing the body... we and our environment mess it up... and chiropractors help restore it. :)

This a just simplified explanation, however, so please watch the video and learn more about some of the history, benefits and healing stories of chiropractic! It's really cool stuff.

If you live near or ever visit the Putnam Valley, NY area, give Dr. Paul a call! Your body will thank you.

Have a wonderful day!! :)


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