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Great New Resources for You!

Hi there!

How have you been? Did you try the cancer-fighting ice cream I wrote about last time? If so, do you have any pictures? I'd love to see them! Feel free to post your pics on social media and tag me :)

Well, I've got some great resources to share with you today!

First, Chris Wark's brand new online course called Square One is now available! If you're looking for guidance in the fight against cancer this will help you clarify the steps you need to take. You'll get lifetime access to 10 modules of information, encouragement and practical instructions to make the changes that Chris has found to be the most effective in ridding the body of cancer. He pulls all this from his 12 years of researching, talking to cancer survivors and doing cancer coaching - he knows what he's talking about! Best of all, even if you don't purchase the program, the first module is available for free! Check it out here.

Next, I just discovered Extreme Health Radio...

Husband and wife founders Justin and Kate have tons of great, free information on diet, health and disease prevention, in addition to healing stories, and I will be interviewing with them live in a few weeks! You can go to this link on Tuesday, July 26 at 12pm Eastern Daylight Time to tune in live and ask questions. Head over to their website before the show - they are a great resource!

Lastly, I had an interview with David Ralph from JoinUpDots (a podcast for people looking to pursue their dream careers) which is now live at!

David and I talked about how I was able to get through the most difficult time of my life. (Hint, it involved taking control of my health.) I would do it all over again to be able to live this second chance at life, and I hope it encourages you.

That's all for now...

Enjoy your weekend, and talk to you soon!

To your health and life,


P.S. What challenges you about cancer, and how can I help you? If you're new to my website please take this short survey here.

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