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Don't Miss Out on These Offers From Trusted Health Experts!

Hey friend!

Just wanted to remind you of a couple things before they go away.

First is the 10-day Total Wellness Summit going on until March 31. Yesterday I watched the interview with Dr. Josh Axe on gut health (where most of our health and disease originate) and I loved it! It went right along with what I've been learning in my Integrative Nutrition training, and Dr. Axe provided so much helpful information that I ordered his new book called Eat Dirt. Sounds like the book is a must read for anyone who wants to learn more about "leaky gut" and how to heal digestive issues. If you pre-order by Tuesday, March 29 you'll get $300 worth of bonuses!

My favorite day of the summit is likely to be March 27, on the topic of The Truth About Cancer. Experts Ty Bollinger and Chris Wark will be sharing secrets the cancer industry doesn't want you to know about, as well as how to fight cancer naturally.

Next is the Radical Remission Course, a 9-module self-study course. Each module is filled with videos, worksheets, and action steps all geared toward strengthening your immune system in the ways Radical Remission survivors do. If you're interested, act quickly as the 20% discount will go away on April 1st. If you order through this special link by April 1 you'll also receive an additional 10% discount, as well as eligibility to enter my 6-month health coaching program at half-price! Let me know if you'd like more information about my program by simply hitting the reply button or emailing me at

Well that's all for now!

To your health,


P.S. Look at this bright and colorful pulp from my juicing this week. Taste the rainbow! (Yeah I get excited about this sort of stuff...)

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