Alternative Medicine for the Pandemic 💉

Updated 4/26/21

Are you perplexed about what to do with the health challenge around the world and mixed information around it that we're all faced with these days (if you read from sources outside of mainstream media)? In the beginning it is like trying to see though a muddy swamp and I am still working on figuring out what is true and good, but I am hopeful because I see a ray of hope in all the confusion! What I'm referring to is an antiparasitic drug you may have heard about called Ivermectin.

Below the following paragraphs I'm attaching a photo linked to amazing graphs of how Ivermectin has made a remarkable difference in areas around the world where it was widely distributed and shown to significantly decrease both cases and deaths of [C]. (I have to abbreviate the real name of [C] because my email could go to your spam box due to censorship). For example, "The government of the state of Alto Parana (blue) launched an ivermectin distribution campaign in early September. Although the campaign was officially described as a “de-worming” program, this was interpreted as a guise by the regions governor to avoid reprimand or conflict with the National Ministry of Health that recommended against use of ivermectin to treat COVID-19 in Paraguay. The program began with a distribution of 30,000 boxes of ivermectin and by October 15 there were very few cases left in the state."

You can also see even more at the FLCCC website on additional epidemiological studies in Peru, Mexico, Argentina and Brazil.

I also have friends who have used Ivermectin with success! One friend had gone to the ER due to extreme pain before being diagnosed with [C]; then I sent her the number of a doctor who was able to prescribe it to her, she had a phone consult with the doctor, picked the medication up from a pharmacy and was feeling much better and back to work in 2-3 days!

According to the authors of a peer-reviewed article in the Journal of Drugs and Dermatology, Ivermectin has a long safety record as it's been prescribed for over 30 years and "continues to provide a high margin of safety for a growing number of indications based on its anti-parasitic and anti-inflammatory activities."

However, there are some safety and efficacy concerns with this treatment to be aware of, so do not take it without consulting a medical doctor!