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Immunotherapy: The Battle Within | Documentary

(Loose transcripts)

German refugee Fred Stein

Infection --> remission

Dr. Kiran Lentz, MD - International Immunology Foundation, Prien, Germany

Ralf Keleef, MD

Int Immune Oncology

Ferre Akbarpour, MD

Chief Medical Director, Orange County Immune Institute

From the Blacklist to the Nobel Prize

By Ralph Moss and the Center for Integrative Oncology present:

Science Writer since 1974

MSKCC lied about it

Fired the next day after holding a press conference about it

Also very interested in the conventional

There are only effective and ineffective treatments

The great untold story is William B. Coley

Biggest cover up is the effectiveness of Coley's toxins. The closest we've ever gotten to curing cancer

Hundreds were cured in the early 1900s.

Rise of radiation and then chemo;

CT incredibly inexpensive

In 1963 against vehement

FDA refused to grandfather in CT

Went against their own rules and didn't allow it

THE ACS put it on its list of unproven

The most damning thing that could happen

Eveything conspired against it

Working actively behind the scenes to prevent any further research

Helen and Lloyd J Old - joined at the hip

Helen had no formal training but Lloyd Old was one of the most eminent immunologists of his day

He was the Senior VP at MSKCC 1973-1986

Dr. Lentz

Detected TNC-alpha - uses every day

Successor of Dr. Old is James P. Allison, PhD, 2018 Nobel Prize winner

In 1960s became aware of Lloyd's work and T cells and the T cell receptor. Decided he wanted to unravel T cells.

Do you want to know where we get all our new ideas from? ACS book Unproven Methods of Cancer Management - this is the "Bible"

Helen had no official position but founded the Cancer Research Institute

Fund 150 post doc trainings yearly - Kleef was one of them


Honorary doctorate from Rockefeller University - mostly helens' effort - 20 monographs on her dad's work

Successes were extraordinary

Case after case with ppl of dire disease who survived 30, 40, 50 years

Lloyd despaired of opposing the establishment

Let's go to the root

Can't prove in RCTs

Coley died the year before the RCT was invented

Lloyd directed 200mill toward research cancer immunotherapy and recruited 1000 researchers into the field

Ralf Kleef = Certificate from MSKCC for Resarch fellow in the lab of Dr. Dana Bovberg - 9/12/94

Felt he was back to his roots

James Allison - immune surveillance

The IS has antitumor effects

One of the greatest immunologists in the world

How the IS relates to the IS

Immune checkpoint inhibitors - Yervoy (ipi), Opdivo (nivolumab), Keytruda (pembrolizumab) have revolutionized the way cancer is treated today

T cells are being controlled by checkpoint inhibitors

Blocking the blocking

22 yo woman - brain, liver lung mets. Hospice when she got ipi - tumors went away (14 y ago)

Dr. Said she should think about not having babies

Had melanoma - had her life. Had 2 kids

10 and 7 y.o.

Phase 1 trial from 2001 woman - single dose and is still alive

19 years out no more treatments

Biopsy - never shows cancer - scar tissue where the fight was going on

High dose xrt and chemo suppress IS but studies show that chemo doesn't work all that well in animals that don't have immune systems

There is an immune component to chemo

Ferre Akbarpour, MD

Mark Rosenberg, MD Medical Director, Advanced Medical Therapeutics

Awakened the health care industry to immunotherapy for cancer

Keytruda - Carter's melanoma

Rosen - uses CPI in low doses in combo with other techniques - complete remission

Sometimes no effect, the right, or overwhelming - hard to predict

Some died in early trials - no adverse effects in mice except vitiligo - no wt loss

Then gave 10, 100x as high. No adverse events whatsoever then bam in humans

Kept mice as clean as they can keep them

Humans - lots of infections

Developed algorithms

Almost no colitis now - that was what killed people early on.

Correlation now between AE and response - more likely to have good outcome when you have adverse events

Many links between early development of Nauts and Old and the currnt accptance of immunotherapy

Institute have only have two

Wife Pam won the award also

Scientific board of CRI to promote Coley's work

Rosenberg: set is on fire (CT) - doing similar with CPIs

No research going on into CT - CRI's stance: modern immunotherapy are better than CT - why would we bother use Coley's?

Rosenberg: cost

Moss: CPIs cost ~ 150k per pt

Actual cost: as high as 1mil per person

Rosenberg: Typically insurance won't pay - out of pocket or it won't happen

Moss: Poor country like Peru - new immunotherapy could only reach 5% of the population and 10% in the richest country in Latin America

90% of humanity is left out of the population

With GMP would cost 1-2000 to treat each individual - I could make this stuff in my sleep.

Every country could make it; no patent on it

Independent of American academic institution

In 1970s clinics

Dr. Lawrence Burton in Freeport Bahamas.

Was asked to comment on it.

Similar in some ways to CPI but never given the recognition it deserved.

Model for many things that have come since then

Interested in exploring

German speaking part of Europe -

Including Prien, Germany

Immunopheresis for cancer - remove something and giving something from the body

Southern Bavaria

Lake Chmesee

Where they can get well

Natural medicine

No chemo at all

Subtractive therapy - remove something made by the body - natural things

Destroy the cancer

Blaocking factors - inhibitors protect the cancer cells

Plasma - found a way to remove them effectively - filter has a lot of membranes with pores

Some particles stay in the

Wash the patient's blood


Takes over several hours; break; absorber is regenerated then can be used again

Can work on all different cancers

Natalya 2008 stage 4 breast cancer


Healing device "Karl"

4-5 hours on computer for treatment

No problems

Go home - that's it

Very soft w/o any problems

Cold sometimes

Can have shivering or cold feeling like CT - immune response

Hot water

Elevated temp - trembling uncontrollable

Liver or bone mets can feel something

Pain for that

Relaxing thing - very few side effects

Wanted immune effects - no side effects only + effects

Checkpoint inhibitors amazing

Wanted to get out of

CE Mark - Cert. safe and effective can sell in countries that acknowledge it

Some Univ collaborate with them

At the moment available there in Bavaria

Vienna, Austria

Ralf Kleef - past 15 years

Nobody believes it but they can show it

Fever - virus, bact or cancer cell.

Chronic malignat inflamm or acure inflamm response - fever

Should be able to develop fever - not good to not have fever - one time every two years is enough

9,900 majority would say no fever

No one interested because can't patent fever

Generate mild fever inside tumor tissue


I-2 originally develped for

Repurposed it

Careful monitoring

Will be able to initiate studies in large prospective trials

To show that it's safe and effective

Duderstadt, Germany

Nesselhut Clinic

Thomas Nesselhut, MD, PhD and his son and daughter also MDs, have been using DC vax for the last 20 years

Cancer is part of the IS. Started in 1996 in conventional oncology and saw low success rate. The promise that it could improve cancer was only for a short time. Typical BC w/mets - 1st step: enough WBC, monocytes, HGB, Platelets (IS - and monocytes)

WBCs of -

Separate monocytes then fractionate them and infuse them that bring down inflammation

Combine local hyperthermia w/DCs - combos make it more likely to have a success.

Choose animal viruses from vaccinations of animals.

Newcastle disease - 1st used in 1995 but have noted other viruses that are more successful. Choose any viruses. Vaccinations of animals. Birds/chicken - humans can't get the disease, just the tumor gets infection

Beautiful discrimination

1 activated killer cell cell can kill 200k tumor cells

Resect tumor and immediately give vac after surg

If inject the vaccine directly after surgery - the survival rate is fantastic.

80-100% survival

No inflam - no cancer

Ca is inflammatory process

Understanding more about the IS is the possibility of realyy curing not just reating sympt

Cologne, Germany

The IOZK Clinic using cancer-killing viruses

Tumor-specific immune therapy


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