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Humble Confidence in the Struggle

Been told I am growing

With conviction of knowing

I’m so thankful

It fills my tank full

I cry over my sin

Totally broken within

Always in a struggle

Yet me, I'm a muggle

With love in God’s eyes

He says, you’re my prize

Forever in eternity

No need for maternity


Though fat shows

Here on earth

It’s not my worth

Jesus paid the price

No need to roll dice

Covered in His blood

I’m saved from the flood

A safe place to fall

He died for us all

Jesus please save me

I don’t want a maybe

Help me to change

I’m out of range

You’ll make me to sail

No, please not to fail

Hope is my food

When not in the mood

Looking to You

You get me through

Not to do with cancer

But might help to answer

One reason we’re sick

The truth we just pick

It’s not that confusing

But leaving us bruising

We choose our own way

And are led far astray

The truth comes with proof

Overhead like a roof

Love is not hiding

He’s where we’re residing

No masters degree

But this is my plea

Be a good sleuth

You’ll find the truth

Use your whole heart

It's the best place to start


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