Suzy Griswold Interview and Q&A

Suzy Griswold – Interview and Q&A 6/30/20

3:30 What led up to Suzy’s diagnosis? High cholesterol, overweight, multiple prescription medications. In 2009 her doctor felt a nodule; was scheduled for hysterectomy when found tumor on her thyroid. Got surgery and removed thyroid gland.

Recommended treatment after that was radiation. Follow up scan found 3 lymph nodes lit up.

Had time to think and pray because it was Christmas time.

Lost 10 people to cancer in her family and didn’t want to end up like them.

6:57 Why she got sick? Grew up in Texas and fried everything. Had a Snickers bar with Coke for breakfast, ate fast food regularly.

8:10 Also, her soul was sick. Unforgiveness, grief, control.

8:50 Why she’s grateful for her cancer.

10:30 Coffee enema story and time for Bible reading

12:17 Suzy has her Master’s degree in Public Health – how that impacted her perspective medically. She is a truth seeker, wants to know more about things.

13:52 She realized something was wrong, prayed to God for help.

14:25 How the book Knockout influenced her thinking and research

16:40 Her treatment decision was between her and God; she chose to follow the Gerson Therapy