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Episode 6 - Dr. Linda Isaacs

Join us this Tuesday for a LIVE Q&A session with Dr. Linda Isaacs, Dr. Gonzalez's partner in using high doses of pancreatic enzymes, an individualized diet and supplement regimen and coffee enemas for detox.

0:55 Dr. Isaac’s favorite publication she wrote – how to recognize a case report that is good quality – “EVALUATING ANECDOTES AND CASE REPORTS”

3:20 - Statistics: Why Meaningful Statistics Cannot Be Generated From a Private Practice

3:55 Follow-through is vital statistical information

4:24 Large participant numbers in studies are helpful but not always possible. There are too many variables to get proper case controls; therefore, they use case reports

6:00 What went wrong in Dr. Gonzalez’s pilot study?

- 7:30 Median survival was 19 months (with some surviving 4-5+ years) versus the typical 7-8 month survival without treatment or 19 month on Gemcitabine (with no one surviving past 19 months)

-8:15 A more direct comparison study funded by the National Cancer Institute and the National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine:

  • they weren’t in control of recruiting the patient

  • some had misrepresented their current health – one man shouldn’t have been entered into the study

  • the study was poorly designed and most patients who participated did not follow the treatment

-10:03 Dr. Gonzalez’s book about the study, What Went Wrong and Dr. Isaac’s article, Research Battles

11:00 Who Dr. Isaacs cannot help – too ill or if orthodox treatment would be curative (e.g. localized breast cancer)

12:14 Does prior treatment exclude a person from being able to be treated by Dr. Isaacs? (depends on the situation; sometimes there needs to be orthodox treatment before she can help them)

14:13 Motivation is a factor for eligibility and/or success on the treatment

15:15 How important is it to follow the diet? You don’t know if it will work if you don’t do it – non-compliance drives confusion

17:00 The Trophoblast Theory – Dr. John Beard was an embryologist; trophoblasts (which contain embryos) look and act a lot like cancer – it invades and creates a blood supply; early 1900s before he passed away in the 1920s. The trophoblasts stops the invasion; it matures and changes. What makes the trophoblast cells stop invading? The baby started making pancreatic enzymes. Previously thought only to digest food but only 2 months into gestation the baby’s pancreas started producing the enzymes.

20:10 Why some enzymes didn’t work, including no refrigeration available at the time to store the enzymes

20:50 Radiation came along and created a lot of stir, pushing aside Dr. Beard’s work

21:25 Articles ; on biological and molecular level; trophoblast and cancer cells have receptors on their surface for proteolytic enzymes

24:45 CA-125 is a pretty unreliable screening tool because other factors affect it

25:14 The importance of coffee enemas – pancreatic enzymes create waste materials – low-grade aches and pains; stimulates the liver and biliary system to get rid of waste material

26:35 The usual pattern is 2 smaller doses of coffee enemas in the morning and 2 in the afternoon (takes 30-40 minutes total)

27:15 For someone who can’t see Dr. Isaacs she can’t give recommendations because medical boards will come after her

28:20 The therapy can be applied to all types of cancer but the more difficult cancers are those such as glioblastoma

29:15 The autonomic nervous system is frequently out of balance; autonomic balance (or imbalance) is taken into consideration to determine the nutritional protocol

29:30 Solid vs. liquid tumors? The autonomic NS is frequently out of balance in one direction or another: Sympathetic (flight or flight) system tends to be overactive in breast, lung, colon, prostate (carcinomas); helps us respond to stress but shuts down digestive system and pancreatic enzymes – these people do well with alkalinizing, vegetarian diet. Parasympathetic (rest and digest) dominants/overactive – makes the body more alkaline and stimulates the immune system – leukemia or lymphoma, needs more acid diet – animal proteins

31:24 Stay away from soy because it has an enzyme blocker

32:15 pH ranges – blood pH in the veins is not very accurate and measuring pH in arteries is difficult and painful to do; instead…

32:45 One group does well with vegetarian diet with a lot of Mg and K; the other group does better with meat and calcium as a supplement

33:10 How a person feels can help a person figure out if they’re sympathetic or parasympathetic dominant

34:30 Blood disorder patients can have meat

35:06 Typical sympathetic dominant – physiology is always on low-grade red alert

36:26 The sympathetic nervous system... The parasympathetic nervous system doesn’t have the time to rest and repair the body; slowing down a person may feel weird

37:35 Nutrition and the Autonomic Nervous System -

38:30 Spiritual and emotional component? People who are constantly fearful and anxious always have the sympathetic nervous system activated

40:00 Prayer, meditation and exercise have been documented to help with managing anxiety, fear, etc.

40:40 For someone who thinks that less meat is better, what does she say?

41:20 What is a population made up of in terms of their autonomic nervous system balance? (When doing population studies on diet)

41:55 Why epidemiological studies may be prone to errors, due to unrecognized, underlying factors – different people are different. People who believe the paleo diet is best will bring up a study done in a different part of the world. A study that seems to be supporting animal protein typically comes from a northern European country where people came from the arctic circle (where there are no vegetables).

42:30 Why Northern European people likely need more meat

43:12 Dr. Isaacs started school as an engineering major, liked math and science; father was a career military officer, started as an engineer; sister is an engineer, one is a doctor; spent a couple summers with her sister who is a doctor; had job in a research lab, got interested in biology and biochem; applied to medical school. She was interested in the human body.

Her training is in internal medicine. Met Dr. Gonzalez during her third year of medical school, he was already researching Dr. William Donald Kelley, orthodontist who treated himself for cancer and began treating others who were interested in how he healed.

She got sick part-way through medical school. She had developed chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) by the time she reached the end of her internship, after being careless with laboratory chemicals in the biochemistry lab. She went on the protocol to get better and she did.

Due to Dr. Kelley, Dr. Gonzalez and her own success led her to the path she’s on.

Most people who come to her are at the one extreme or the other; CFS are usually reasonably balanced and can eat a balance of food. She eats some animal protein.

47:00 What helped her the most to heal from the syndrome. The diet has the biggest influence on the autonomic nervous system. The supplements give your body the tools to repair itself. Detox – years later she could smell the chemicals as they came out. There was a period of time in which she smelled like rotten eggs because it was a chemical she was exposed to that she was detoxing.

48:36 If a person doesn’t believe in all the aspects of the therapy and don’t try it then

49:10 Who Dr. Isaacs is looking for to shadow her and learn how to practice the therapy

49:35 For young aspiring doctors she recommends that they become a patient first, doing the coffee enemas, cleanses, nutritional protocol

51:35 Interesting research is being done on enzyme receptors on cancer cells; however there’s nothing patentable about using enzymes for cancer (no money from drug companies to back it)

52:24 How to best support Dr. Isaacs – to be able to pass the torch to one or more doctors who do it correctly; those who Dr. Kelley trained didn’t implement it properly and so it didn’t work

54:00 Dr. Kelley’s questionnaire to determine autonomic system balance; but may not be accurate because of the bias of the person filling it out

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