Gar Hildenbrand on the REAL Gerson Therapy

The following is one of my favorite interviews I've done so far!! Do you ever experience how friendships get sweeter over time? Well, it rings true for me and Gar Hildenbrand! 😊 I first "met" Gar on the phone in February 2011, 2-3 weeks after getting my diagnosis of stage 4 melanoma.

My mom had been researching melanoma cures and found out about Coley's Toxins and the Gerson Therapy, which had 60% and 39% 5-year survival rates, respectively, in people with stage 4 melanoma. Both were promoted by Gar on his website,, and my mom called him and found his reasoning logical and hopeful. After hearing my mom's take on his approach I wanted to speak with him as well. My mom called him back with me on the phone and I remember agreeing with his logic as well, though I couldn't keep up and had to let my mom take over the conversation for me! 😅 Things haven't changed too much in that area... Gar's wisdom and understanding surpass mine and I had to press "pause" many times to record the show notes from the interview. (Which, by the way, turned out to be 6.5 pages long, single-spaced!!)

After much anticipation, here is one of my most popular interviews, with Gar Hildenbrand on the Gerson Therapy (and a bit about Coley's Toxins and the Danger Theory)! In this interview and Q&A session, Gar clarified the different versions of the Gerson Therapy, including that which was used by 61% of those in Gerson's book A Cancer Therapy: Results of 50 Cases. He also explains why the Gerson diet is helpful in COVID-19!!

Here are the show notes:

1:55 How Gar got into the Gerson Therapy and was healed of Lupus erythematosus!

5:08 How he transitioned from theater to science

7:05 Gar explains the evolution of the Gerson Therapy for cancer

7:44 The Gerson Therapy is not specific to the tumor

7:55 The GT stood alone for infectious disease treatment of the Tuberculosis microbe

9:41 Relating COVID-19 and the Gerson Therapy