PABA: An Antifungal Melanoma Treatment? 🧫

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The other day I posted something on my Facebook page that was quite popular, and since you may not be on FB (Facebook) I thought I should share this with you here! Here's what I said:

"Hey all! I share in some of my interviews and on my website that PABA is a B vitamin I started taking the night my oncologist suggested it, after she discovered that PABA somehow seemed to kill melanoma cells in her lab. I noticed shrinkage of the cancer after starting this and a redox signaling supplement (as well as Temodar, a chemo pill, last-minute) before starting the Gerson Therapy and Coley's toxins in Mexico.

Well, I've found another study about PABA, how it helps protect pepper plants from bacterial and viral infections and grow better than their "peers!" :) Interesting stuff.

Here's the study: The folate precursor para-aminobenzoic acid elicits induced resistance against Cucumber mosaic virus and Xanthomonas axonopodis. "Unexpectedly, fruit yield was increased in PABA-treated plants, indicating that PABA-mediated SAR successfully protected pepper plants from infection by bacterial and viral pathogens without significant fitness allocation costs." "

PABA has been has been shown to be an antiviral agent in multiple studies, including this other one: Production of Antifungal p-Aminobenzoic Acid in Lysobacter antibioticus OH13.

You can see in the photos how the fungal colonies reduced in size! So cool!! :)

This last study on PABA suggests that clinically it may be helpful in melanoma treatment. It was written by a former oncologist of mine who recommended PABA to me. I haven't been able to get the full text of the article, though I've requested it and may have it in the future to do further reading and evaluation:

Modulation of chemotherapy with para-amino benzoic acid (PABA): Translation from preclinical models to a completed phase I trial

In the abstract the author recalls from previous study that melanoma cells (of the B16F10 line) exposed to PABA had a lessening or loss of pigmentation. (Maybe this is what she meant when she told me that they died in the petri dishes??) The author then stated that studies of mice with the same line of melanoma cells that received daily doses of PABA and Paclitaxel, a chemothereutic agent, showed differences compared to both the control group (receiving no treatment whatsoever) and the group receiving solely Paclitaxel. Meaning, PABA enhanced the efficacy of Paclitaxel in that melanoma line.

This study evaluated how patients responded to treatment with PABA, Paclitaxel and Carboplatin, who first failed treatment with Dacarbazine (DTIC). The results were not detailed, except th