Hi, Friend! 😊👋☀️ A New Interview for You

Hi Friend!

How are you? If you've been on my email list or blog you may know it's been a while since my last outreach. There have been some things for me to grow through the past several months and I'm very grateful to "see" you again!! 😊

First, for those who are interested, I'd like to share an interview I did with Ryan Sternagel, founder of The Stern Method, who I met a couple years ago at a cancer conference and interviewed for his family's story. Ryan's son Ryder was diagnosed with stage 4 neuroblastoma less than two weeks before his first birthday 😢 but by the grace of God and through an integrative approach to his treatment, Ryder is cancer-free, happy and doing great!! Recently I saw an adorable, amazing video that touched my heart of 6-year-old Ryder reciting John 1 by heart on the Stern Method Facebook page. Surely his sickness was not to end in death but for the glory of God, too. ❤️ Here's the link for that video if you'd like to watch it!


Ryan asked me what I'd like to talk about in our interview and I decided on Coley's Toxins, which was one of the treatments I used, as well as the Danger Model, which I believe is under-recognized and helps explain what causes the immune system to wake up to threats like cancer. I've recently added some PDFs of articles and presentations on the Danger Model to one of the bibliography pages on my website, which you can read for more info and download for free at the following link (topics on the page are in alphabetical order): https://www.baileyobrien.com/bibliography-by-topic

Here's the podcast audio of my interview with Ryan: https://thesternmethod.com/bailey-obrien/

And the YouTube video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yqAhL538VcA&list=PLS0wunLpCJ6ZSeqXhtZYN95kKICswUZlN

Some time soon I will also have a 3-person interview with Coley's Toxins and Danger Model experts, which is in planning mode now. I can't wait to get that to you!! 😁

Lastly, you may know Chris Wark and his blog, ChrisBeatCancer.com. Chris is a stage 3c colon cancer survivor who found his calling to help educate and encourage others with cancer. He and I met in 2015 at a conference "by chance" and now I work for him part-time as a group coach in his Square One program. 😆 Starting this Tuesday, August 13th Square One will be airing for free, one episode at a time, for ten days. It's a great opportunity to watch for yourself and/or to share with a friend! In the ten modules, Chris goes through the fundamentals of healing including life shifts in diet, stress reduction, exercise, supplementation, monitoring, and more, that are most often associated with cancer healing (and prevention). If you use this link, another organization I love, called HealingStrong, will receive a portion of the proceeds. Please let me know if you have any questions about SQ1. It's a great program! 😊

Until next time,

Bailey 😊👋🙏

Psalm 46:1 God is our refuge and strength, A very present help in trouble.