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Interiew with a 40-Year Stage 4 Lymphoma Survivor!!

Hi Friend,

I hope this finds you well! If you could use a little pick-me-up, here's something I think you'll like... :)

It's an interview with a gentleman in his eighties who got well over forty years ago for stage four lymphoma that had spread to his brain!!

Last week I had the privilege to get the story for you from this cancer thriver, Chuck Kohlhase, who went to Mexico with his mom (who also had cancer, of the lung) so they could both pursue the Gerson Therapy. Amazingly, both Chuck and his mom got well; Chuck's mom lived into her nineties and Chuck is feeling so great that he's still working and running his own business!

In our interview Chuck shares his tumultuous healthy history which began most notably when he was diagnosed with polio as a teenager. Over the course of his younger years he was also diagnosed with undulant fever and rheumatic fever, and in his thirties he had four or five heart attacks before being diagnosed with "incurable" lymphoma in his forties. Just a few years ago he also suffered a stroke - the man is a walking miracle!

I hope you'll click through to listen to Chuck's inspiring story of hope, perseverance and faith in the ability to heal from anything.

Please share this with anyone you think needs it, and have a great day!


P.S. Chuck said he would also be willing to send me his medical records to share with you; when he does, I will let you know! :)

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