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Updates and Announcements! :)

Hi, Friend!

You may know that I recently went to Mexico for a CHIPSA survivor reunion and scientific forum and to visit other cancer clinics and hospitals. I am grateful to say that my trip exceeded my expectations!

Now I have a bit better perspective of several treatment facilities in Tijuana and I would like to share more about that soon. However, I will have to do that later as I have some other announcements first!

First, today at 9pm EST the first episode of A Global Quest by The Truth About Cancer will air for 24 hours! For some I trust this will be a pivotal first step in their cancer research. I spoke with a woman recently who said this was the case for her, and I suspect she's not alone. For me, The Truth About Cancer team has helped me become more aware, informed and connected with people and treatments that work to help people become as healed and whole as possible.

Of course, each person brings a different perspective and what works for some will not work for all, so please be discerning and do your research! Ask me if you have any questions. Then, share it with your family and friends who need it!

You can sign up to watch this docu-series here:


Do you have plans for Saturday, November 3rd? Would you join me in attending the HealingStrong conference in Atlanta? :) This will be the second HealingStrong conference in the organization's 5.5-year history, the first being about 5 years ago. As far as I know I will be sharing my testimony there but I'm still waiting to get confirmation of how much time I will be given to do so. Please pray that I get more than 0 minutes to speak and that I say what God wants me to say, nothing more and nothing less! ;)

Register to be there in person or watch from home at this link:

I hope you've been well, Friend. Enjoy the rest of your week, and I'll be back in touch soon!


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