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Radiation for Melanoma?

Hi Friend!

This week I got to make some vitamin D and kill some free radicals while reading from Rene and Edward (Eddy) Chee's awe-inspiring book on immunotherapy for cancer. The book chronicles Rene’s long and arduous cancer healing journey as well as the research they found along the way.

Rene holds a master’s in biological sciences from Stanford University and a doctorate in biology from UCSD; Eddy holds a master’s in electrical engineering from Stanford University.

The book is very detailed, informative, even poetic, and I've come across new insights like how radiation, which is often frowned upon in the alternative cancer treatment world for various reasons (for mostly legitimate reasons, I believe), has actually been shown to make immunotherapy for melanoma more effective in some cases, even if the cancer progressed initially! The radiation is theorized to act as a primer to make the immune system, making the immune system more effective at killing cancer when the subsequent immunotherapy is administered.

The theory and clinical results backing it both surprised me, as they could help explain why my cancer went into remission so quickly after I started my own old school immunotherapy treatments, Coley's toxins and Gerson Therapy! Similarly to the case studies referenced, a couple weeks after I finished radiation treatments I found out my cancer had spread to my lung and spine. Not long after that I began my natural immunotherapies, and at my next scan my oncologist said I was cancer-free.

I'm still in the "First do no harm" camp and will advocate for more natural, gentle strategies whenever possible to minimize pain and suffering, but I will no longer rule out radiation as a possible adjunctive treatment for melanoma, especially if other treatments have not worked. But don't take my word for it, please research it for yourself, and pray for wisdom! My prayer is that everyone will find God's path for them; treatments that work for some will not work for all.

If you'd like to learn more please check out the Chees' book on their website, Curing Cancer with Immunotherapy, at

Also available on the home page of the website is a great PowerPoint presentation Rene put on for the public at Randolph-Macon College in February this past year, as well as a forum where anyone can pose questions about immunotherapy for cancer, to which Rene and Eddy are quick to respond.

Below are articles referenced within the book on radiation and melanoma:

Please share this information with your melanoma friends, so that they too can make informed decisions!



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