It All Begins at Square One

Hi, Friend!

If you've heard of me, chances are you've heard of Chris Wark, too. :)

If not, here's Chris' story, very briefly: Chris is another cancer coach who was diagnosed with stage 3c colon cancer in December 2003 at the age of 26. For treatment he chose to have surgery to remove the cancer, but he did not undergo the chemotherapy recommended by his regular oncologist, instead choosing to make a radical diet and lifestyle change. It's worked, and he's been cancer-free for over 14 years now! Just by looking at him one can tell he still adheres to his diet and lifestyle. I think he's the healthiest person and youngest-looking 41 year old I've ever met!

My first interaction with Chris was at a non-health conference one "random" day when I saw him and nervously walked up to him, fumbling with my words as I introduced myself. I let him know I knew who he was, that I was a fan and that I was also a cancer survivor who used alternative methods. He patiently stopped and talked with my awkward self, then asked if I would like to share my story with him on video for his blog. I excitedly accepted! His wife then recorded the interview for us, which you can watch here. Chris has been a big part of helping me get connected with people whom I can help, and for that I'm very grateful!

Since meeting Chris several times now at other events I've observed that he cares about people from the way that he spends hours listening and talking to them and sharing what he's learned. Since joining his Square One online coaching program I've also witnessed his dedication to show up daily in the Square One Facebook group as he comments, encourages and gives advice; and I've seen his faithfulness with the monthly live Q&A calls as he spends two hours each time taking questions and giving his best answers. All this while he continues his other work of interviewing survivors and health experts for his blog and even releasing his first book!

While I don't always agree 100% with Chris on some things like diet specifics (I believe the best diet can be very different for some people than most), we agree on foundational aspects of long-lasting cancer reversal, with the most important being that healthy nutrition must be applied with consistent and dedicated effort, and that Jesus is the ultimate healer. We agree that a radical shift in diet and lifestyle, including an organic, unprocessed diet with lots of fresh green veggies; eliminating or minimizing toxins from the body and environment; exercising; loving and forgiving others; taking a few key supplements; keeping track of progress through various tests; and seeking God's will and help can make a huge difference in the quality and length of a person's life after a cancer diagnosis. That's why I'm a certified Square One coach. :)

Fortunately, for those who are interested in taking some or all of the above diet and lifestyle initiatives, Chris' course, Square One, will be available to view for free beginning August 14th!