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Should You Use Conventional Treatments?

Hi, Friend!

I hope this finds you well.

Have you ever felt jaded by the conventional methods of cancer treatment for one reason or another? Maybe you have, maybe you haven't... Well, I have, and I explain a little bit why in my new video. Unfortunately, I have allowed my negative experiences with conventional medicine to cloud my judgment in the past, preventing me from seeing any benefits to any conventional methods. I've also seen other promoters of complementary and alternative methods affected in the same way when they demonize all standard treatments.

Fortunately, however, my frustration with conventional treatments has eased a bit since it began in 2011. I am still weary of conventional methods and their negative side effects, especially when the treatments are misused and unnecessary pain is inflicted, but I've been researching how cancer treatments work and seen that conventional methods may have been a beneficial part of many people's healing journeys.

The way treatments like surgery and chemotherapy (even needle biopsies, possibly) work, when administered correctly, as explained by NIH scientist Polly Matzinger in her "Danger theory," is that they cause the release of danger signals, also known as alarmins, that attract the immune system. The immune system then responds, and hopefully in a way that is strong and frequent enough to clear the cancer away (its response can be bolstered by complementary/alternative treatments like the Gerson Therapy, GM-CSF, etc.).

I'd love for you to click here to watch my video and hear about the event that caused me to share this with you today.

Have a wonderful day, my friend, and please share this with anyone who needs it! :)


P.S. In the video I said the person with mantle cell lymphoma treated at St. Andrew's Clinic only had 2 out of 5 different chemos recommended by his oncologist at MSKCC, but he had 3 out of 4 (and at significantly lower doses).

Gar's lecture transcript with case outcomes according to Danger Theory is can be found here.

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