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Solid Proof: My Medical Records

Happy summer, friend! I hope this finds you well!

Someone commented on a YouTube video of mine recently saying that half the healing stories (about holistic medicine) out there are untrue. While I don't know the actual numbers, I do know that there is misinformation on the internet about healing stories, because I've seen errors in my own story. I have also heard terrible cases of people making up stories that they had cancer and seen a few times a person's story promoted as if he or she were cured, when the person is actually still battling or it's too soon to determine whether he or she is really healed or not. Sometimes the person even finds out that the cancer is either still there or comes back shortly thereafter, with the story of the "cure" still circulating.

Whether it's the person him/herself doing it or someone else promoting the story, details can be left out, twisted to sound a certain way, or completely made up. Sometimes there are honest mistakes, too. And when a story is long or complicated (as cancer often is), the story can get even more mixed up. I was exchanging emails with an author who asked to share my story in his book, and I'm pretty sure I drove him nuts with all the edits I asked for! I felt bad about all the corrections (I knew it wasn't his fault, as his sources weren't accurate) but I wanted to be sure it was honest, and I tried to encourage him that it would be worth the wait!

When possible, I try to get medical records from the people whose stories I share. Not only does this promote the truth of the matter, but I think it makes the healing that much more real and impactful for the reader. Wouldn't you agree?

So, as I've been slowly gathering and scanning some proof of my own, I'd like to show you some records confirming my own diagnosis and remission. I am really grateful to be able to share these with you, and pray that they inspire you that because healing was possible for me, it's possible for anyone. Click here for the photos on my "About Me" page on my website.

Matthew 19:26 "And looking at them Jesus said to them, 'With people this is impossible, but with God all things are possible.'”

Have a wonderful day! :)


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