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Happy St. Patrick's Day! Do You Miss Holiday Food? [Video]

Hey Friend!

I didn't plan to make that face in the picture above, it just came out during my video. :P

As you may know I've been reflecting on my upcoming 7 year cancer remission anniversary in some videos and with St. Patrick's Day here I thought it would be a good time for another reflection. This video is a bit long-winded (sorry, the next one will be better!) but I wanted to share with you about the first holiday during which I felt deprived of the foods I was used to eating. And I'll admit, the message I have to share with you is still something I need to tell myself.

The dietary changes I made when I began my super cancer-fighting protocol were NOT FUN. I was used to eating basically whatever I wanted within social norms, so to only be able to eat a narrow variety of foods that most people don't eat was really hard and frustrating. It made it especially hard during holidays, because holidays included extra special treats that I really enjoyed and missed.

But my mind was more stuck on what I didn't have than on what I did have, and I suffered more than I needed to. I forgot that I was blessed with a loving family and other things I often take for granted, like shelter, warmth, a safe neighborhood, clothing, etc.

The following weeks and months continued to present challenges, but with the gift of my remission in late March came incredible joy! In that moment I realized I didn't need the food I used to eat to be content, because I was in awe of what I DID have.

Then, the awe wore off and I was discontent with a bad attitude again. What?! Why? This drove me crazy! I went on a quest to find answers and happiness. Ultimately, I found Jesus. In Him I found life, joy, satisfaction, excitement and even fun. ;)

In the months and years since my remission I've been able to go on a maintenance diet which allows for more variety, making the food issue a bit easier (which is something to look forward to if you're fighting right now!).

I still struggle with food, whether feeling deprived for what I'm not eating, or guilty for what I do eat that I don't believe is good for me. It's an ongoing learning and growing process, one that won't end until I die, but what I'm learning is, basically, there is more to life than food! :) You and I, together we can look up, give thanks, and enjoy what God has given us - this day of life, relationships with people we love, sunrises, flowers, birds, rain, etc. etc...and ultimately Himself.

I hope you enjoy the video. Please leave a comment and let me know what you think!



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