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A Contest for my Birthday/Remission Anniversary! :) [Video]

Hey Friend!

I have a contest for you that I think will be fun and I hope you agree! ;)

Last year I had this idea for how I wanted to celebrate my birthday/remission anniversary but it didn't work out and I was really bummed. :( But, I planned farther ahead and prayed a lot for it this year, and now it's going to happen! :)

Here's what I'm going to do - and I would love for you to be part of the celebration!! - I'm planning to make Believe Mugs with some friends and donate them to Believe Big, who will in turn package these gifts with encouraging Scriptures and get them into the hands of cancer patients who could really use them. I'm inviting those who want to participate to have mug making parties in their own neighborhoods, and whoever donates the most mugs to Believe Big by Easter Sunday (April 1) will receive a free consultation and his/her own Believe Mug! You'll just need to take a picture or record a video to show the number of mugs that were made and send it to me so I can declare the winner.

If you can't make the mugs but would still like to participate in the contest, you can donate to Believe Big or another cancer charity I support like HealingStrong or Cancer Crackdown ($20 would be worth 1 mug for the contest). Or, if you don't have the means or desire to make a donation, you can still celebrate remission with me by doing any of the following:

- going to visit someone with cancer

- (this would be really helpful for someone on the Gerson therapy!) make a person's fresh veggie juice for the day

- calling that friend who is sick even though you don't know what to say to him or her (you could just say, "Hey, I know you're going through this awful situation and I don't know what to say, but I want you to know that I care and I'm here for you, and whatever you want to talk about I'll listen.")

- helping to clean someone's house

- praying with or for someone who is sick

- anything else nice you think of! :)

The point here is to share hope for healing and the love of God with people who are suffering from cancer. This is close to my heart as I believe it is one of the big reasons I am alive today.

I thank you on behalf of myself and all the cancer warriors out there and hope you have fun if you choose to do this. :) Please click here to learn more about Believe Mugs - what they're about, how to make them, and how to find a place to make some.

Have a fantastic day!


P.S. Please contact me if you need more details on how to send the mugs to Believe Big. It may be expensive to send the mugs to Believe Big and it may make more sense to send or deliver your mugs to people local to your area. You can also contact Believe Big for advice!

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