Reflecting on 2017 and Future Hope!

Hi friend,

I hope you've had a chance to reflect on your year and find many things to be thankful for. I know that for many it's been a difficult year of fighting cancer and/or enduring the loss of close loved ones. If you're in that situation my heart goes out to you and I pray that you will be comforted and touched by the love of God and others. As someone who's been in the "cancer patient" shoes and currently coaches cancer thrivers and their loved ones, I understand the struggle. Yet I am frequently amazed and inspired by many I meet who experience these pains with such incredible grace and strength!

Despite all the hardships and tragic losses behind and before us, however, there is great HOPE!

As I think about what's happened this past year in the world of cancer, I think about many wonderful and inspiring things! These include:

- people facing, fighting and conquering their cancer with great courage and faith!!

- the growth of HealingStrong support groups across the globe, providing free education and support to about 1000 people every month; check out a map of groups available here (and check back often to see if they come to your area, as they are expanding!)

- the 2nd annual Truth About Cancer Live conference where leaders in natural healing got together to share life-saving information as it streamed live for free worldwide, reaching nearly every country in the world!! The recordings are available to purchase here.

- the release of Chris Wark's Square One online cancer coaching program, including 10 video/audio modules that provide guidelines for people to begin radical diet and lifestyle changes at home to boost their immune system and create an environment that's inhospitable to cancer and other diseases

- the