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Kim Reversed and Beat Metastatic Breast Cancer! [Interview]

Hey friend!

l hope this finds you well! Last time we chatted I told you about an interview I did with some new friends and that I was waiting to get some of their medical records to share with the interview. Well, due to extenuating circumstances it could be a couple more weeks until I get those and I don't want to wait any longer to share the interview with you, so here we go...!

Last month at the Truth About Cancer Live I met Theo Hanson, a cancer patient advocate and coach whose wife Kim beat stage 3 breast cancer in 2014. Kim is not your typical patient! After her diagnosis she and Theo actually went on a long vacation to think about what they wanted to do. Her doctors recommended chemo and radiation but she didn't have peace about going that route. After coming home from vacation Kim and Theo decided on a home protocol that included major diet and lifestyle modifications.

Here's where the story gets exciting - 30 days after beginning her home protocol, Kim's primary tumor in her breast shrunk 50%!! Then, after another 30 days it shrunk 44%! And at the time of removal during surgery (which she underwent to fix a doctor's mistake during a biopsy) it had shrunk by another 34% (including margins)! Talk about a fast response...

We had a great Skype interview and I think it will be a great encouragement to you to hear their healing story and how powerful nutrition can be, even against cancer! You'll also hear what Kim and Theo are doing now to help bring about the safest, most complete healing in someone who has been diagnosed with cancer. Click this link to watch the interview. :)

If you are interested to learn about Kim's protocol it is available at It's the approach she and Theo recommend if you've been diagnosed with cancer and I think it's a great resource to look into. It even comes with a free 45-minute consultation!

Enjoy, and have a great day!


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