Politics in Medicine - What You Need to Know [Video]

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Politics... They're controversial, and not always fun to delve into. However, in the case of cancer, it's in our best interest to know about the politics involved. Why? Because we don't have access to all the beneficial cancer treatments that exist; many people have a misinformed and negatively skewed view of these treatments; and politics are partly to blame. In the United States, the "land of the free," we really don't have the freedoms we ought to have. Many like myself have had to go to Mexico or another country to receive cancer treatments that have been proven beneficial and in some cases helped people experience complete reversal of their cancer. It's a tragedy that these potentially life-saving therapies are slandered and forbidden from use!

So, why are things this way? The following is a brief explanation by G. Edward Griffin, a cancer patient advocate, author, documentary film producer and educator who spoke at The Truth About Cancer Live a couple weeks ago:

"A control for cancer is known and it comes from nature but it is not widely available to the public because it can not be patented and therefore is not commercially attractive to the Pharmaceutical Industry."

Here he's talking about Vitamin B17/Amygdalin/Laetrile, which has been shown to be beneficial to both animals and humans by increasing overall wellbeing and slowing, halting or reversing the growth of cancer, without any negative side effects.

Griffin explains further in one of his books called World Without Cancer:

"Laetrile was responsible for prolonging the life of cancerous rats eighty percent longer than those in the control group not inoculated."

"As early as 1974, there were at least twenty-six published papers written by well-known physicians who had used Laetrile in the treatment of their own patients and who have concluded that Laetrile is both safe and effective in the treatment of cancer."

"Laetrile is [expletive] quackery!" - Former American Cancer Society of California president Helene Brown

"‘Sloan Kettering is not enthusiastic about studying Amygdalin, but would like to study cyanide releasing drugs.’" (Amygdalin contains cyanide)