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Heavy Metal Toxicity Problems and Solutions! (Chelation)

Hey friend!

I hope this finds you well. Have you ever wondered if you had heavy metals in your body and if so, what you should do about them? If your answer is yes, this video is for you!

Heavy metal toxicity increases free radical production and can lead to a variety of symptoms and diseases, including inflammation, brain fog, headaches, neurodegeneration, MS, type 2 diabetes, autism, cancer and even heart disease, I just found out!

Fortunately however there are ways to detoxify from heavy metals using agents called chelators, agents which bind to the heavy metals and then get excreted by the kidneys in the urine. I was aware that chelation was a popular healing method in alternative cancer clinics, but I didn't know it was also used by doctors in the natural treatment and prevention of so many other ailments listed above (and probably more)!

Just a couple words of caution if you choose to a chelator: in some cases (as with EDTA) it's important to get your kidney function tested before and after treatment since it can be taxing on your kidneys. Also, some chelators like EDTA also draw important minerals out of your body and you'll need supplements to replace these nutrients. You can find out more information on these topics using the resources below.

I hope this video helps you learn more about heavy metals, how they affect the body and how you can get rid of them. I'd always love to hear what you think, so please leave a comment if you want to share!

Have a great day! :)


How to Find a Doctor (Worldwide) Who Will Administer IV Chelation

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