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What Does Mental & Spiritual Health Have to do to Cancer?

Hey, friend!

One of the most surprising things in my research on cancer so far has been how the emotional and spiritual aspects of life impact our health. When I was first diagnosed with cancer I didn't think a lot about emotional and spiritual things - I didn't think I had much of a need, or have a great desire to do so - though I believed it did play a role in my health. However, it's become more important to me since then and research suggests that it is important in preventing or healing from cancer.

Spiritual practices like meditation for stress reduction can increase your immune system function; lead to the production of more antibodies; stimulate the production of melatonin, thereby helping us sleep and provide the time needed for our immune system to repair our cells and clean out the body; increase telomerase activity in immune cells, allowing immune cells to live longer; and favorably change gene expression in a health promoting way.

Listen to the video above to hear more about how our emotional and spiritual health is related to our physical health and disease prevention and healing! Please leave a comment to let me know what you think about the subject.

Enjoy, and have a great day!

Bailey :)

Resources to which I referred for researching this topic:

The Blue Zones

Cancer: Think Outside the Box (book), by Ty Bollinger

The Truth About Cancer (book), by Ty Bollinger

Radical Remission (book), by Dr. Kelly Turner

Faith and Health Connection

For more on my healing and spiritual journey...

My testimony, recorded at Burger Bash August 24, 2017 (begins around 17:20 mark)

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