Gerson Recipe: Hippocrates Soup [Video]

Hey friend!

Today I have a video for you on how to start making an integral part of the Gerson Diet - Hippocrates soup! I had this soup for lunch and dinner every day for a long time. I probably kept up eating one cup of the broth twice per day (as is the recommended "dose" on the Gerson diet) consistently for 18 months or so, then slowly ate it less and less frequently. To be honest I haven't had it in a couple months, but it'll probably make a comeback in my diet when the weather gets colder. ;)

The reason for Hippocrates soup in the Gerson diet is that it helps flush out sodium from cells, helping to reduce edema and restore a healthy sodium-potassium balance. This sodium-potassium balance is a large component of the Gerson diet, and Dr. Gerson found that most cancer patients tended to eliminate large amounts of excess sodium in the urine (probably from internal organs) when salt was removed from the diet.

I got my recipe from the Gerson Research Organization's website when I first started treatment and followed recipe #2, minus the tomatoes and carrots. When I was on a strict regimen I mostly just made the clear broth and added a potato, 1 tablespoon flax oil, 1 tablespoon brewer's yeast and some spices for lunch and dinner. Making this soup took a long time, and when you make it every few days, in addition to juicing for a couple hours every day, making coffee for enemas every 2-3 days and doing Coley fluid treatments, it can be exhausting! Now that I don't juice as much and I have more energy I put in more time and effort when making the soup, adding more colorful veggies.