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Happy Valentine's Day! :)

Dear friend,

Happy Valentine's Day! I've always enjoyed this holiday... I think it's cute, regardless of a person's relationship status. ;) Probably because my family and friends have always made me feel loved...

According to recent tradition I'll be enjoying my grandma's company with dinner tonight at her house. She's making salmon and I'm bringing salad and mixed veggies. After dinner we'll probably play a game of cards, enjoy a bowl of organic popcorn... and have some organic fruit and dark chocolate too. ;)

Not every Valentine's Day has been quite so warm and cozy, however.

In 2011 my dad had to give me my Valentine's Day card a day early before dropping off my mom and me at the airport. My mom and I were headed to Mexico as my family and I ventured into the dark unknown, praying for a miracle. I took that card with me and kept it on a shelf in my hospital room as a reminder that I was loved, no matter what happened with my health.

Through the support of my family and friends in that situation, my healing since and so much more I've felt amazing love from God and just want to pass that on to you. :)

So, regardless of your circumstances and where you and your loved ones are in your health and life journeys, I want you to know today that you are loved. Sending a cheerful hug to you!

From my heart to yours,


John 3:16

P.S. Here's a song I'm enjoying today:

P.P.S. Below is a picture of me sitting on my hospital bed in Mexico with my buddy Casanova, a little stuffed monkey that my mom (I think) gave me. :)


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