Community, Learning and Encouragement

Hi there,

I hope your Wednesday is going well so far! Here are some updates for you...

Next Tuesday at 12pm EDT you can tune in LIVE to Extreme Health Radio to hear my story and ask me questions! Go to this link at that time if you are available; otherwise head to after the interview, click on "Recent Shows" in the green bar at the top and you can listen to the recording...

This week I started a Facebook group for cancer warriors who are using complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) with the goal of sharing experiences and supporting and learning from each other. If you or a loved one has cancer and is using CAM (and you have Facebook), send me a message and I'll personally add you to the group! Some are already posting updates and encouraging each other. For example, Pete from the UK shared this article about his identical twin brother who is fighting pancreatic and liver cancer at the Advanced Gerson Clinic in Mexico. I'm hopeful and excited to see the community bond and thrive!

If this isn't for you but you know someone who would be interested, please pass this along to him or her!

Lastly, HealingStrong is a nonprofit organization based in the Atlanta, Georgia area that helps educate and support people as they go through their holistic healing journey. There are several HealingStrong support groups dispersed across the United States that meet regularly, and founder Suzy Griswold has worked very hard to develop a curriculum that benefits every participant. I was introduced to Suzy through a friend and quickly felt the warmth of her humble, gentle, and caring spirit. You will be touched by her story and blessed by her mission!

You can learn more