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Hello, friend! Here's what's been going on lately...

Hi friend!

I hope you've had a great weekend.

It's been a month since my last blog post and I'm happy to be back!

My interview with Chris Wark from went live in mid-May and since then I've been speaking with many people seeking advice for their cancer journey. It's been a bittersweet joy of "meeting" so many wonderful people who are bravely battling cancer. I admire their determination to do everything they can to attain restored health, and my heart is heavy with their struggles. However, I'm hopeful that all may find their pathway to healing, as with God all things are possible!

I wanted to share with you that a couple new friends have recently started treatment at St. Andrew's Clinic under the care of my hero, Gar Hildenbrand. These lovely ladies are enjoying the company of Gar, his wife Christeene, the doctors and other patients at St. A's, and I'm happy to report that all is going well for them so far! Apparently time is "flying by" and there is a lot of "jovial socializing" between patients and companions in the beautiful garden at their temporary residence.

If you'd like more information about what it's like getting treatment in Mexico please reach out to me by emailing me at - I'd love to share my experiences with you. My wonderful friend Carol who is currently at St. Andrew's also generously offered to talk to anyone who wishes to hear about her experiences, so if you'd like to contact her please also let me know.

Now, I know this post is about to get long and the following may not describe you, but I know that for some of you it will and it's on my heart to share this. So, I want to say, that if you are struggling with your own or a loved one's cancer diagnosis (or anything else for that matter) and feel helpless, here's my advice:


There is One who knows your struggles and He is mighty to save. I've experienced freedom from my own struggles, but I'm not the only one. This past week I heard from friends about answers to prayer that just overwhelmed me and brought me to tears with thankfulness.

Many things in life are confusing and we sometimes we wonder why God could allow such painful things to happen to us. Sometimes I wonder that when I can't see what good can come from certain situations. But while I don't have the answers, I know that we can trust that God works all things together for the good of those who love Him. He hears our prayers and loves us like crazy - he will see us through every storm.

If there's something you need prayer for, let me know and I'd be honored to pray for you. Email me at, or, post your request here on the blog so that others may see it and pray for you as well.

We are all in this together.

With love,


P.S. You can watch my interview with Chris below:

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