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Discounts Ending Today, Positivity Summit & A Global Quest for the Cures

Hey friend!

First, a couple reminders...

1) Today, April 1, is the very last day to get the introductory discount on Dr. Kelly Turner's Radical Remission Course to strengthen your immune system and increase your chance of preventing or beating cancer. It's also the last day in which I will offer you my 6-month health coaching program at half price, if you also purchase Dr. Turner's course.

Just let me know if you'd like more information about my program by emailing me at

2) Jon Gordon's Power of Positive Summit begins April 4 and will help you find ways to incorporate more positivity into your life. Increasing positive emotions is one of the 9 key healing factors from Dr. Turner's research on radical remission cases, so by listening to these positive messages (for free) you may be helping to ward off cancer in your body! Sign up for the summit here.

Now, onto something new...

Word is out that Ty Bollinger will be re-releasing a 9-part docu-series called The Truth About Cancer: A Global Quest, beginning on April 12. When this series was originally released last fall I ordered the DVD set so I could study and share the potentially life-saving information it contains. I've since been able to share it with several people and plant seeds of hope that cancer is NOT a death sentence, and that there's so much we can do to prevent and heal from cancer!

Did you know that genes only play a small role in the development of cancer, and that external factors like poor diet and lifestyle, and environmental toxins are the real threats?

Watch the trailer and sign up for the series here to get access to interviews with doctors, scientists and survivors with information on how to prevent and treat this ugly disease.

There’s no doubt that had we had access to a documentary with the information that’s contained in the 9 days of the global quest that we could’ve saved dad’s life. I have no doubt that we could’ve.” - Ty Bollinger

To your health,


P.S. Did you get to watch any of the Total Wellness Summit hosted by Food Matters? What did you think? Let me know by leaving a comment.

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