Celebrating 5 Years of Remission

Dear friend,

Today I want you to know that nothing is impossible.

5 years ago my doctors, family, friends and I were shocked to find out that, after just 2 short months of alternative cancer treatments, I was in complete remission from 7 tumors and stage 4 melanoma.

It was the best birthday of my life.

Today I'm blessed to still be alive and celebrating another birthday and remission anniversary. So I've asked myself, what does this mean for me, you, and everyone else?

To me, it means that no matter what the world tells us, nothing is impossible.

People doubted me and my decision to try alternative treatments. They were scared (as was I) because, according to what many would consider "credible" information from doctors and big organizations, I wouldn't survive no matter what treatments I pursued.

But my story shows that sometimes very convincing and well-meaning people are wrong, and we shouldn't accept what others say as reality without doing some truth searching of our own. (Even if it comes from me! ;))

I'm convinced that there's a whole world of holistic and alternative treatment options for cancer and other diseases that many don't know much about. Through following the work of people like Ty Bollinger, Chris Wark, Dr. Kelly Turner, the Gerson Institute, Gar Hildenbrand, Believe Big,