How to be Indestructible Like Popeye, Without Eating Spinach

Popeye spinach.jpeg

If you ever worry about your health, I can relate.

At one point in my life, I was afraid to put one unwholesome piece of food in my mouth. My health was failing, and I realized that I had the power to improve my health by changing my diet. Thankfully, just 6 weeks after committing to a strict diet and beginning additional alternative cancer treatments, my “incurable” cancer was “cured”! Although I attribute the rapid turnaround in my health in part to a large increase in vegetable intake, now, 4 years after altering my diet, I’ve slacked off a bit.

Occasional indulgences no longer scare me, because time has given me confidence that my immune system is as strong and indestructible as spinach-crazed Popeye. Probably more often than I should, I have organic ice cream or salted blue chips when I know I should snack on raw veggies (or have nothing at all). But, this doesn’t mean I throw caution to the wind. I still maintain the same general diet (organic, low-salt, unprocessed, veggie-centered), and there’s one food habit I’ve stuck with that gives me peace even on a rather indulgent day. It’s available for anyone to try, it's delicious, and it’s easy and fun!

Sound good to you?

Well, this habit I’m talking about is juicing. And no, I’m not talking about steroids. Popeye didn’t need steroids to stay strong and neither do you.

I’m talking about j