20+ Year Stage 4 Breast Cancer Thriver Lori Lober!

Lori Lober - YouTube Interview


00:30 Lori was diagnosed in April 2000 (page 7 of her book); was 10 years in remission as of 2011 (over 20 years in 2022!!) Originally misdiagnosed

01:55 loves meeting like-minded people

all our paths are different; there is no right or wrong path – we need to embrace it and love it

When she was dx she had multiple tumors in liver and it was throughout the lymphatic system

03:12 was premenopausal so it was HER2+ (the most aggressive premenopausal cancer there is)

Found out there was a treatment center specifically for cancer - MD Anderson - they also had clinical trials

Also went to Duke Comprehensive Cancer Center

Nutraceuticals, juicing, didn’t do coffee enemas but did colonics; reflexology of hands and feet to keep her lymphatics going

Did everything her doctors said to do, but looked at odds/stats and it didn’t give her much hope

Knew if she was going to beat it at 36 years (22 years ago) she’d have to pull out all the stops in her ability (body, mind, soul, spirit) - still here, glad she never gave up. Promised God that if He would show her the way and lead her to no evidence of disease that she’d give back to anyone who asks for her help.

6:05 Every single day she gets up to live is a gift, even in this tumultuous time that we live in; we can still embrace and see the best of the beauty of every day