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A Cancer Therapy That Really Cures! The Bill Henderson Protocol [Video]

Hey friend!

I'm excited to tell you about this book I just investigated called Cancer-Free: Your Guide to Gentle, Non-toxic Healing by Bill Henderson and Carlos Garcia, MD. Boy, does it contain a lot of information! What I love most about it is that it has stories of real people who have healed using the protocol described. And I know that it really works because my friend Cortney followed the protocol and was healed of her lymphoma in just 6 months... while pregnant, I might add!! Awesome, right? She's continued the maintenance phase of the protocol and has remained cancer-free for over 6 years, and you can follow her blog at :)

Whenever I hear about a cancer treatment for the first time - or even if I've heard about it dozens of times - my mindset is hopeful but skeptical until I've researched it myself. So, about a week and a half ago that I had a conversation with Cortney that made me think it was time to look into the Henderson protocol. She mentioned she heard recently that several people with prostate cancer have used this protocol and gone into remission. Hearing the great excitement in her voice and knowing her story of healing and her deep adoration for Mr. Henderson, I knew I had found my next research topic!

So... I spent several hours looking through the book, and now I am very encouraged that this is another option for anyone who gets a cancer diagnosis! In addition to providing a legitimate treatment protocol, Cancer-Free also contains lots of information on the works of many other doctors and non-MDs who have successfully treated cancer patients using different approaches. The Henderson protocol is recommended by the authors as the primary treatment method, but should it not work for someone, there are books, websites and other resources to research these other cancer prevention and healing strategies (including Coley fluid, Laetrile and the Gerson Therapy - things I used in Mexico - that have helped other people regain their health also). Perhaps just as important, there is also information on how to find a doctor or clinic that is right for you - whether you have cancer or not, and whether you need treatment in the US or abroad.

One of the memorable things that stuck out to me in this book is that Dr. Hulda Clark was arrested by the FBI in 1999 in San Diego and extradited to Indiana for "practicing without a medical license." With over 100 testimonials of people who healed of cancer using her methods, it's ridiculous how she was treated! Hers is just one example of how there can be so many useful treatments yet so few people aware or convinced that they can work. The hope is out there, the question is, do we have the eyes to see it?

Check out my video and/or the book and let me know what you think of it all! :)

Have a great day,


P. S. An announcement for an event you won't want to miss... A friend of Cortney's and mine, Chris Wark, a cancer coach and 14-year survivor of stage 3c colon cancer, will be sharing the steps he took to get well from cancer (and how others can heal or prevent cancer also) in a free 10-part video series called Square One! It airs next week beginning on Tuesday and you can sign up today! Chris has been researching cancer ever since his diagnosis at the age of 26, 14 years ago. He really did what every person who gets a cancer diagnosis needs to do - research and pray for guidance on what course of treatment to pursue. Some really cool answers to prayer made his decisions much easier - you will be inspired by how it all happened! And hopefully his story will motivate you to take ownership of your health and commit 100% to whatever path you choose, as that's the way you'll have the best success.

Enjoy! :)

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