Help Prevent and Reverse Cancer with this Detox Method - Coffee Enemas

Hey friend!

Today I have a video for you to explain a little bit about what I've been researching lately: coffee enemas. Coffee enemas have been an important part of my holistic cancer healing journey since 2011. They have helped me overcome fatigue, headaches and even stress as they work to help detoxify and relax the body. It's not a procedure you hear much about today, but back in the day before it was considered too "folksy" and replaced by "high-tech" alternatives, it was even listed in the Merck Manual, the "Bible" for physicians! Though coffee enemas are commonly used by cancer patients to help rid their bodies of toxins and the breakdown products of cancer, they can also help the average person stay healthy and feel great.

Below I'll paste the resources I used to learn about this topic. Feel free to check them out yourself, and let me know what you learn!

Enjoy, and have a great day!

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