A Funny Story About Essential Oils

Hey friend!

Today I want to share a story about how I've benefited from essential oils and then give you a couple resources to learn how you can benefit from them too...

I was walking around my college's farmers market one day when I ran into the teaching assistant for my food science class. She was selling natural body care products she hand-made, and I noticed a little container of deodorant sitting there on the table. Too cheap to buy it then and there, I took my TA's business card and later checked out her blog, where she shared the recipe for the deodorant.

As someone who was looking for an alternative to aluminum-containing antiperspirant or natural deodorant that just didn't work (ew), I eventually decided to try out the recipe for myself.

So, I made a trip to Whole Foods to buy the necessary ingredients:

Coconut oil

Baking soda (aluminum-free)

Corn starch

Essential oils (I chose lavender and tea tree)

Although I made a mess (I didn't use a mixing bowl that was large enough) the end-product smelled darn good and went on smooth. I was nervous to test it because I didn't want to be that "au-natural" stinky person we all know, but who was I kidding - I had probably already become "that" person! ;)

Well, I went for a workout and came back to evaluate how well the deodorant worked. I took the plunge and smelled under my arms... It didn't smell like flowers, but it didn't smell terrible either. I wasn't quite sure what to think (does anybody smell good after working out?), so after showering I put on some more of my new concoction and went about the rest of my day. Well, since that day five years ago I haven't used anything else - the deodorant passed the test! Sometimes I do need to reapply when I sweat a lot or go through very stressful situations, but overall, for me, the