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Ultra pure and potent chapstick for happy, healthy lips! :) Made of high quality, natural and local (when possible) ingredients, with lots of LOVE!!


Ingredients: African shea butter (from small villages), organic sweet almond oil, vitamin E oil, local beeswax and Certified Pure Tested Grade frankincense and peppermint essential oils.


Directions: Apply liberally to dry, chapped lips for deep, rejuvenating skin conditioning and an uplifting, joyful aroma! Share the love by giving a smooch to your significant other! 😘 


Labels shown may be different than what you receive. Please indicate which color tube you would like.


I make everything for you the same way I make it for myself - pure and super anti-cancer! :) Being mindful of potential contaminants from manufacturing, each chapstick tube is rinsed with castile soap and warm water to ensure that there are no contaminants from manufacturing that could negatively impact your health.


$9 for two tubes. 

Healthy, Happy Lips Chapstick (2-Pack)

  • Satisfaction guarantee: If you're not satisfied with your products you may return them for a 100% refund (excluding shipping) or exchange for something of the same value. 

  • Products are shipped via USPS Priority for a flat rate of $5. 

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