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Pancreatic Enzymes

The recommended protocol in the Cellect-Budwig protocol (the protocol recommended by is to take them 6 times per day: 1) upon waking; 2) 30 min before breakfast; 3) 2 hours after breakfast; 4) 30 min before lunch; 5) 2 hours after lunch; 6) 30 minutes before dinner 


When taken 30 minutes before meals, the enzymes are able to function both as systemic (scavenging cancer cells and digesting the protein layer of the cancer cells as they travel through the blood) and digestive enzymes. 


Mike Vrentas, who formulated the Cellect-Budwig Protocol after his wife got breast cancer (she is alive and cancer-free now), recommends enzymes that also contain trypsin and chymotrypsin. Some brands he recommends are:


- Dr. Kelley's PEP Enzymes (Dr. Kelley healed himself of pancreatic cancer and went on to treat many thousands of cancer patients with succes. Here is a brief version of his story:


- Dr. Kelley's Pancreatin 1200 (a less expensive formulation than the PEP Enzymes) - your prescription enzymes are much stronger than these, so I wouldn't recommend taking your enzymes at the dosages recommended by the Cellect-Budwig protocol


Univase Forte (less expensive than both above)


The protocol involves building up to taking 72 capsules per day of the enzymes, starting at one capsule 6 times per day (as indicated above), to 2 capsules, 6 times per day, etc. until you get to 12 capsules, 6 times per day. This isn't as many as Dr. Gonzalez and Dr. Isaacs (who studied and continued the work of Dr. Kelley, practicing in NYC) recommend, as their patients have taken as many as 150 capsules per day of enzymes.  


While taking the enzymes, it is recommended to take them 25 days on, 5 days off, and continue at least as long as there is sign of active disease, if not longer. And one must do coffee enemas at the dose of 72 capsules to get rid of the toxic die-off of the cancer cells, otherwise a person can get very sick and experience burning of the anus. Mike Vrentas' wife had to do 3 enemas per day while on the enzymes because it made her feel unwell, and she had to stop premature of the 25 day limit. However, very shortly after she stopped taking the enzymes, the symptoms went away, and she re-started the enzymes after 5 days of rest. She did 7 cycles of the enzymes. Dr. Kelley believed it would take 6-18 months for the enzymes to get rid of the cancer at 72 capsules per day.

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