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Ovarian Cancer



Treatment of ovarian cancer beyond chemotherapy: are we hitting the target?

"Approximately 70-80% of patients with OC will relapse after first-line chemotherapy, and the majority of them will eventually die of chemotherapy-resistant disease."



α-Mangostin and Apigenin Induced Cell Cycle Arrest and Programmed Cell Death in SKOV-3 Ovarian Cancer Cells


Flavonoids showed anticancer effects on the ovarian cancer cells: Involvement of reactive oxygen species, apoptosis, cell cycle and invasion



Anticancer activity of Cinnamon tamala leaf constituents towards human ovarian cancer cells​

Cinnamon extract reduces VEGF expression via suppressing HIF-1α gene expression and inhibits tumor growth in mice



Curcumin and cancer: an "old-age" disease with an "age-old" solution



Flaxseed and its components differentially affect estrogen targets in pre-neoplastic hen ovaries

"Flaxseed has been studied for decades for its health benefits that include anti-cancer, cardio-protective, anti-diabetic, anti-inflammatory properties... We have previously shown that whole flaxseed supplemented diet decreases the severity and incidence of ovarian cancer while a 15% dose of flaxseed is most protective against inflammation and estrogen-induced chemical and genotoxicity... The weak anti-estrogens, enterolactone, enterodiol and 2-methoxyestradiol, might be working synergistically to generate a protective effect on the ovaries from hens on whole flaxseed diet by altering the estrogen signaling and metabolism.​"



S-allylcysteine, a garlic derivative, suppresses proliferation and induces apoptosis in human ovarian cancer cells in vitro  

"SAC suppresses proliferation and induces apoptosis in A2780 ovarian cancer cells in vitro."




Naringin inhibits ovarian tumor growth by promoting apoptosis: An in vivo study




Study - Quantitative proteomics reveals a broad-spectrum antiviral property of ivermectin, benefiting for COVID-19 treatment

"Identified 4447 ivermectin-related proteins in ovarian cancer cells. Pathway network analysis revealed four statistically significant antiviral pathways, including HCMV, HPV, EBV, and HIV1 infection pathways."



Hesperidin inhibits ovarian cancer cell viability through endoplasmic reticulum stress signaling pathways




Genistein as a Potential Anticancer Agent against Ovarian Cancer

"Numerous studies have shown that genistein has antineoplastic effects against ovarian cancer. Several epidemiological studies have shown that women who have high consumption of isoflavones have a relatively low incidence of ovarian cancer. Genistein inhibits ovarian carcinogenesis by pleiotropic mechanisms. A higher affinity to estrogen receptor β is one probable explanation for its ability to reduce the risk of ovarian cancer. Genistein also targets multiple cellular signal transduction pathways associated with cell cycle regulation and apoptosis. In addition, genistein has been suggested to have antiangiogenic and antioxidant activities."

Soy intake and risk of endocrine-related gynaecological cancer: a meta-analysis

The results of the current study showed protective effects of soy intake on the risk for endocrine-related gynaecological cancers. Additional larger prospective studies are now needed.



Cytotoxic Effects of Strawberry, Korean Raspberry, and Mulberry Extracts on Human Ovarian Cancer A2780 Cells

"Berries including strawberries, Korean raspberry, and mulberry are effective antioxidants and exerted cytotoxic effects in A2780 human ovarian carcinoma cells."

Sweet Potato


Sweet Potato Peels and Cancer Prevention

"Sweet potato peel, which is usually discarded as waste, contains constituents that can serve as dietary components to prevent the development of different types of cancer."


20 years alive - Evita Ramparte Dx 2000 Stage 4 Raw vegan/juicing, detox; declined surgery and chemotherapy; cancer free in 4 months!

27 years alive - Sanae Suzuki DX 1993 Stage 4 Macrobiotic diet, declined surgery and chemotherapy

27 years alive - Nasha Winters - MMMT (malignant mixed mullerian tumor) - nutrition, lifestyle, supplements, IV protocols, laboratory assessment, mind/body healing, homeopathy and hands-on care 

6 years alive - Jessica Langel Dx 2014 - alive Ovarian Grade 3 germ cell stage 4 - raw-vegan diet, green juices, blood ozone therapy, high-dose vitamin C infusions, infrared sauna, myofascial release, colon hydrotherapy, insulin potentiated chemotherapy, B-17 injections, lymphatic drainage therapy and coffee enemas.


21 years alive - Ursula Kaiser Dx 1999 Ovarian and Uterine Stage 4 - was already vegan for 15 years- she feels stress caused her cancer 12 year lawsuit. Essiac Tea, chinese herbs, juiced and chewed food each bit 40 times. Coffee enemas for one year


10 years alive - Pilar Davila DX 2010 Alive Stage 4 Had hysterectomy then recurrence - colon, liver and pelvic mets. PEMF, IV C ,  juicing,  tumors are GONE, no surgery.


6 years lived Betsy Dix - DX 2014; recurrence in 2019 Stage 4 - Passed in 2021; went to Hope4Cancer

Leslie Becofske - Diagnosed 1985, remission in 1989 Gerson Therapy; still alive in 2018 (33 years later)


Deanna Won -  had 4 weeks to live and went on hospice.  Interview 1 year later. 


Lori Ball - Diagnosed in 2015; had surgery, cut out carbs and processed foods; used PEMF therapy 


Gizella - Stage 4 - spiritual healing and alternative therapies


Susan Ellington - Stage 4 - alternative therapies


Spontaneous remission Stage 3 sepsis


Spontaneous remission Stage 4

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