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What I'm Reading: One Man Alone by Dr. Nicholas Gonzalez

Hey friend,

Happy Wednesday! Today's video is an introduction to a wonderful book I just bought and started reading called One Man Alone. It was written by Dr. Gonzalez just a few years before his untimely passing two years ago, though it's largely based on the research he did during medical school in the 1980s.

It all began in July 1981 when Dr. Gonzalez, not yet a doctor at the time, was asked by an author friend to help her investigate a so-called "quack" named William Donald Kelley. Dr. Kelley oversaw the treatment of actor Steve McQueen, who, as you may know, unfortunately passed away of cancer at a Mexican cancer clinic in 1980. What you may not know, however, is that Dr. Kelley had used the same approach on McQueen that he had serendipitously formulated to heal himself of terminal pancreatic cancer in the early 1960s.

Because it was a personalized diet, supplements and detoxification regimen that he had used, the medical community and media viciously attacked and labeled Dr. Kelley "quack." But was he really such a person? What began as entertainment during a boring summer quickly turned into Dr. Gonzalez's passion, career and fulfilling life-long pursuit of discovery as both a journalist and medical doctor. It's a story of both triumph and heartbreak, one that the cancer world needs to know about.

Here's my video with some more information:

I hope you enjoy, and share it if you find it helpful!

Have a great day,


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